Q36.5 Jersey L1 Summer Mens Short Sleeve Jersey : Persimmon Pinstripe

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Engineered for versatility, the Q36.5 Summer Jersey L1 Pinstripe has the high-performance minimalism of the L1 Jersey with a pinstripe of real silver thread.

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Product description

Season : SS17
Code : Q36521.4
Weight : 0.5KG

The Summer Jersey L1 is part of the Q36.5 Essential range. Developed over a 4 year cycle with continuous refinement and tweaking in order to maximise the performance of each item. Thus, not only will the clothing be at the cutting edge of cycle clothing design but it won’t be out of date within a season.

Unlike supermarkets, Q36.5 use the term Essential to describe their range of cycling clothing pieces that not only represent purity and essentialism of design but also in reference to the deliberately compact range of garments. The Essential range has only 1 jersey, 1 bib-short, 1 gilet model for example. These pieces are designed to function, not in a specific, narrow range of circumstances, but rather to offer optimum performance in a broad range of conditions be that over the course of a single ride (climbing and descending for example), in variable weather conditions or over numerous seasons. As such, they are ideal for the changeable UK climate that can so often throw up questions over kit selection before a ride.

If you have read the background to the company you will appreciate the Q36.5 approach to maintaining the optimal operating temperature of the human body. This focus means that Q36.5 jerseys and clothing are far more versatile than most of the other competing brands on the market. The Summer Jersey L1 for example, is designed to perform perfectly in temperature ranges of between 15 and 40oC.

Constructed from a proprietary UniqueFabricL1 - an extremely light, woven microfibre fabric the jersey is immediately recognisable by its feel which is almost rough and ‘crispy’ to the touch. Despite this, it is exceptionally soft on the skin. The unique woven structure that creates this texture also increases the surface area which in turn allows for more efficient wicking of moisture from the skin. Polyestermide wrapped elastane filaments protect the latter from surface contact and thus ensure great longevity and the ability of the jersey to maintain its elasticity to give a great fit season after season.

The introduction of the silver thread is a further fine-tuning of the fabric’s original design purpose. The natural properties of this material are carefully exploited in a performance-wear context. When the intensity of the ride increases, while climbing for example, the body emits an excess of heat and moisture with must be dealt with through conduction, evaporation and convection. The use of the silver thread increases thermal conductivity - the ability to distribute heat quickly and evenly across its surface. Evaporation itself is then accelerated by silver’s high level of conduction in a humid environment. In addition to the thermal properties, silver's anti-static dissipative effects also improve micro-circulation and its anti-bacterial qualities ensure better hygiene and less perspiration odours.

The versatility and optimised function of the L1 Jersey stems in part from extensive Regional Sweat Rate (RSR) body mapping, whereby the rate of perspiration in different areas of the body is studied to help develop Q36.5’s unique fabrics and patterns. As such, the summer jersey is breathable to varying degrees throughout its construction. This not only leads to wicking for cooling purposes but also results in varying densities of fabric that results in lighter weight clothing. The Q36.5 Summer Jersey offers extra comfort thanks to the slightly thicker and softer fabric which, while in no way comprising breathability, pulls the moisture away from the body far more efficiently than the paper-thin fabrics used in other true lightweight jerseys. This offers significantly greater protection to the body while riding long descents immediately after arduous climbs.

Like much of the performance cycling clothing market, Q36.5 clothing is designed and cut to be worn in the cycling position. Q36.5 have taken this concept a little further than most however and have developed a range of Ergogenic patterns. Such clothing is designed so that the panels and fabrics are tuned to support the muscle groups, they have a snug but unrestrictive fit which supports a balanced position to reduce fatigue.

In an ever more competitive arena where marginal gains are now a commonplace goal, aerodynamics are a key element, not only of bike and helmet design, but of clothing as well. If you take a close look at the Q36.5 Summer jersey L1 you will notice that there are no front-facing seams on the jersey. A completely new design, the L1 jersey features kimono-style sleeves which help reduce the number of seams and in combination with a pre-shaped, close-fitting cut, increase the aerodynamic efficiency of the jersey.

The minimal look of the jersey is enhanced with another innovation in an often over looked area – the pockets. Rather than crudely sewing an extra layer of fabric over the back of the jersey to create 3 pockets as is traditional, Q36.5 have integrated the pockets into the design of the jersey leaving 3 subtle openings they dub ‘Invisible Pockets’. The addition of a 4th zippered pocket completes the package and – believe it or not - this design, aside from being far more aesthetically pleasing, offers a small but quantifiable aerodynamic advantage.

The fit of L1 jersey is close and conformable without ever being restrictive. You may initially be deterred when trying on the jersey but we beg you to persist! Once you have worn it on the bike you will understand the fit even more. The proprietary fabrics used in Q36.5 clothing function optimally when the fit is snug against the body and it is an inherent design element of the brand. This closeness and pre-shape cut lends the ergogenic qualities that enable the fabrics to better support and stabilise the body, but this closeness is never at the expense of comfort and there is a notable freedom of movement when adopting the riding position.


Size Guide

Q365 Size Guide

The pro's opinion

I am a huge fan of all things Q36.5. Luigi Bergamo is basically God when it comes to designing cycling clothing. He is contracted by numerous other clothing brands to develop for them and his tenure at Assos did wonders for the brand. The fact that Q36.5 is Luigi's baby should be all that most of us need to know in order to confidently purchase.

The Pinstripe jersey is incredibly versatile, the natural windproofing offered by the tightly woven polyamide coupled with it's incredible breathability means that you will rarely be left wanting. The need for a gilet is often eliminated in cooler conditions and when it's really hot, you're never drenched and uncomfortable. The cut is close (as cycling clothing should be) but unlike other brands where this is often unflattering, the L1 jersey is just the opposite. Slim, almost invisible pockets provide plenty of storage and the positioning of seams rearwards give a classic, clean look. The silver thread looks awesome too and serves to help control your temperature.

I can't fault the L1 Pinstripe jersey, ney anything Q36.5!

Technical Information

Buyers Guide

As a huge fan of Q36.5, there isn't much - if anything in the range I haven't either worn or own!

As with all cycling apparel, in order to do its job effectively : keep you warm or cool, dry, comfortable and aero, it has to fit correctly. All too often we see riders in clothing that is far too big, flapping around or with gaping sleeves.

We get it, some people don't want to 'look silly' in tight fitting lycra - the stigma for many remains. To these folk I say consider this: most of those who'll be paying you any mind while you ride around will be other cyclists; they will almost certainly think you look silly if you're riding around in loose, ill-fitting kit! Besides, you want to get the best from your investment so who cares what people who aren't part of the cycling fraternity think - if it fits properly, it works the way it's designed to.

Q36.5 is highly technical kit; regionally sweat-mapped for optimum moisture management; ergogenic pattern cuts for best possible form-fitting and aerodynamics; not to mention the thermal conductivity that helps stabilise your body temperature, freeing up energy for riding. Fit is key and often at odds with your civvies.

We recommend purchasing and wearing your Q36.5 garment ‘true to size’ - if you are usually a Medium, purchase a Medium. However, when trying on a Q36.5 garment for the first time please keep in mind that cut and fit is designed for on the bike comfort and performance and the user may feel a minor degree of strain (eg. in the shoulder and chest area of the jersey / jacket or the bib short braces) when standing upright.

Try adopting a tucked, cycling position when trying kit on - all cycling clothing of any note is pre-shaped or cut in this position in order to deliver the technical benefits of the piece. When on the bicycle, any feeling of restriction should literally disappear and be replaced by a snug fit yet with excellent ease of movement, comfort and stability.

If you are ever unsure of sizing - maybe you have no frame of reference or you've tried 2 sizes and both seem to fit - the recommendation is to size down!  Better to have your cycling kit tight than loose. Materials will give out slightly too and in the case of bibshorts, you want the pad firmly against you so you are stable in the saddle and so there is no rubbing of material or shifting of the pad - this only leads to bad places; saddle sores and ultimately, quicker wear in your kit.

Exceptions to this are rare but recent style and cut changes to the patterned jerseys in the Q36.5 range have yielded some minor size changes. The original patterned R1 jerseys (eg Vaccaboia) that featured a Raglan sleeve cut, have now evolved into the G1 that features a new anatomical pre-shaped sleeve design for superior ergonomics. While the fit overall is improved, these G1 jerseys I find to be slightly shorter and a smidge tighter. If you are between sizes or already borderline on a size (close to it being too small), you may wish to size up one. Similarly, if you are not quite 'racing snake' and the size chart suggests you are a particular size - if you are close to the upper most extreme of that measure - you may wish to size up (it's how it works for me!)

A note on socks : Q36.5 socks are supremely comfortable, easily the best I have ever owned. They last too and that feeling continues wash after wash where others become crisp and scratchy. If you are between sizes or unsure then I suggest you size down. There is plenty of stretch in Q36.5. With some models - notably the Be Love 0 and Be Love Seta - it is recommended that you cold-wash them before first use; they will shrink ever so slightly but not enough to warrant buying a size up.

Base layers are critical to the performance of anything you layer over the top. They should absolutely be a second skin or they don't do their job. If it fits like your favourite Sunday afternoon baggy T-shirt, bin it!  Always buy the size that fits closest without any pinching under the arms or restriction at the cuff. Again, size down if you are unsure or between prescribed sizes. You may find that for the UK climate you can survive the winter in a short sleeve Q36.5 Base (Base Layer 2) - though this will depend on how you feel the cold. During summer, a base layer is still beneficial, helping to move moisture off the skin - where the temperature exceeds 24oC, you may find that an L1 Pinstripe Essential or Seta jersey are fine next to the skin.

Get a Vest / Gilet! If you don't own one, this is the single piece of equipment that offers the broadest range of benefits. A good gilet offers wind protection on chilly mornings, late evenings, descents after hot and sweaty climbs; core protection in sudden downpours and is virtually indispensible year round. Not sure where the weather will go an any given ride? Stuff it in a jersey pocket and your core will always be protected, extending the operating temperature of the rest of your outfit; be that in summer or winter.

Q36.5 make 4 key vests - one uniquely for potentially wet rides but that also serves to keep the wind off (R.Vest Protection); the all-round Vest L1 Essential that offers both thermal stability, insulation and weather protection; the new Air Vest, the ultimate in low bilk emergency wear that will keep the wind and showers from ruining your ride and that packs down incredibly small - it weighs just 69g;  and the Woolf Bombardino - a versatile gilet that can serve as a layering piece or an external weather defense during rides in changeable conditions - it's small too so ideal for summer trips to the mountains where temperature can vary sigificantly with elevation. Remember - the fit needs to be close, particularly when layering.






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  • 5 5

    Reviewed by Brian,  On 23/09/2017 16:15:37

    Excellent fit and even if I say so myself I look great in it.
    YES Brian would recommend this item
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