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Absolute Black

Devoted to extraordinary design

Absolute Black are a company that believe everything can be made better. That includes chainrings.

Devoted to extraordinary design, Absolute Black design their chainrings here in the UK and are commited to European manufacture from the highest quality materials in order to deliver products that not only perform to peerless standards but that continue to do so for a long time.

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Absolute Black is a family owned company and this is a good thing. It is our experience (indeed our own approach) that those in control of their vision ultimately end up with a better product. Absolute Black's attention to detail is evident in every product but it is an aspect that is inherent throughout the production process: from raw material sourcing to computer design, tooling and manufacture. Cooperation with the best anodizing plant in Europe - here in the UK - delivers not only excellent finishes, but is also environmentally sound. It is an important aspect to them and to us and one that larger companies often overlook or ignore in order to chase the bottom line.

Absolute Black have complete control of every single step from design through production to final product. Even packaging and labels are designed in-house and made by a local producer.

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When it comes to Oval, Absolute Black have the most successful range of chainrings on the market. With 5mm wide construction they are significantly stiffer than the likes of Rotor (15% in fact) despite the numerous cut-outs that help them reduce the chainrings' overall weight.

Absolute Black oval chainrings bring significant efficiency advantages to cyclists. While they do not produce more power (a common misconception), they allow you to unleash more of your potential. By optimising the pedalling torque you generate, reducing your effort on climbs and by helping increase the efficiency of your power delivery, you can be faster and sustain your output for longer with less exertion. Not convinced? A recent independent study has quantified the benefit of Absolute Black's Oval rings not to mention the benefits to those with injury or knee problems that Oval rings help to mitigate.

Despite their size, commitment to a performance focused, quality product and environmentally sound processes, as well as their desire to keep production in Europe, Absolute Black's products remain competitively priced and as a consumer there is little more you could ask for from a company.

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