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REFRESH – The Morphening!

Words by Dave Butcher

on 24/09/2021 10:00:00

On the 13th July 2021, 700 turned 10 years old. “Parp!” That was all the fanfare we could muster. The reasons for not making too much fuss were several, but most obviously poxy Covid. Covid has been frankly, shit. A lot of people have suffered greatly and making a song and dance of our.... More

What’s in a Ride?

Words by Jeandre Fourie

on 15/07/2021 13:32:04

No matter how long any of us have been cycling there are always “those” rides that stand out. It very seldom is the same old route that you rehash chasing down your 400th Strava trophy. It very often is not even a race itself. It is marked by a feeling that, no matter how tired you are, there.... More

DOGMA F : The Art Of Balance

Words by Dave Butcher

on 25/06/2021 15:00:00

Since its reintroduction in 2009 and in the most successful professional partnership in the modern era with Team INEOS (né SKY) the Dogma has undergone multiple revisions and re-imaginings : 60.1 65.1 F8 F10 F12 and now the new F. Why no number? dogma | ˈdɒɡmə | noun a principle or set.... More

The Return of an Icon…

Words by Dave Butcher

on 18/02/2021 12:28:28

Assos back at 700 Assos are a cycling apparel brand synonymous with quality and performance and are famed particularly for their shorts. Based in Switzerland on the border with Italy, Assos have been at the forefront of cycling clothing since the introduction in 1976, of their then revolutionary lycra cycling short. Over the years.... More

Fading perspective.

Words by Dave Butcher

on 09/01/2021 09:39:30

Sigh. Here we go again. Another year, another Covid. I’ll be honest (standard) 2020 was a mixed bag for me, both personally and from a business point of view. I have found it quite difficult to resolve as a year. The highs were significant for me :  I moved house to.... More

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