700 was opened in the summer of 2011 with one goal in mind; helping all road riders from all aspects of the sport furnish their passion with all the advice and equipment they may need. At 700 we believe that whether you are in it to win or simply to enjoy the sport, everything starts with fit and to this end offer bike fitting services to help you optimise your position on the bike,  to minimise the risk of injury and to get the best performance and comfort from your riding. 

At 700 we are looking to present the products we stock in their best light; each run of items is given its own space and is never pushed into a corner. Online each product where appropriate is given it’s own in-depth description written by us and photographed in order to best display it’s characteristics and to give you a feeling of what the product would be like if you were to actually touch it. We have tried very hard to pick our brands and products carefully in order to keep our range of products limited to those which firstly fulfill their purpose superbly and secondly offer what we feel is the best choice at each price point. Everything you find on our shelves will have been endorsed by one or another of us and it would not have made it there if we were unable to see its value.

We feel that every customer should have the same exceptional level of service; we want you to be able to draw from our many years of experience both in the bicycle industry and out on the road. Between us we ride thousands of miles every week, some of us as endurance or pleasure riders and others of us who enjoy racing and pushing our physical limits. We all expect our kit to echo our needs and style. Invariably you will be able to find a kindred spirit at 700; somebody who rides in a similar fashion and finds an analogous value in their cycling. Whether looking for your first road bike or seeking some serious hardware to maximise your competitive edge we want you to feel as if you have been given the best advice throughout your purchase and that you have ended up with a bike that suits your specific requirements.

Recent seasons have seen a growing desire for individuality and custom products and we understand that dream bikes should be as individual as you; from geometry to finish. To this end we are continually broadening our range to include more niche brands like Nevi Titanium, Alchemy and Sarto in order to bring you fully customisable options when it comes to your hardware. 

If you are looking to broaden your cycling experience we have an associated cycling club with a diverse spectrum of riders and abilities and 700 run numerous cycling holidays and training camps in the Costa Blanca during the year, so you can experience new roads, fantastic climbs and stunning scenery, fully guided and supported.

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700 Road Cycling Blog

Typical of the British transition into Autumn, there has been a noticeable shift in conditions over the last few weeks. A timely reminder that – along with a final season of Game of Thrones - ‘Winter is coming’ The sun is lower and the mornings fresher as the balmy days of an impressive Summer begin to wane. .... More

Cruise Season – Q36.5 Autumn / Winter Preview

Dave Butcher | 26/09/2018 16:23:05

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OVERVIEW One of the things that makes a build special, is the mood and reaction of the person for whom you’re building.     Ed has an infectious enthusiasm – that of genuine unrestrained excitement and joy - about what was a dream build for him. It was impossible not to be enveloped by.... More

Ed’s Colnago Concept Build.

Dave Butcher | 28/06/2018 12:49:54

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One of the key elements of correct bike fit is cleat position. It is also one of the most widely neglected. That’s not to say that riders completely ignore their cleat set-up but rather they will be within certain accepted tolerances – generally guided by sales staff or the internet. It is highly unlikely that most of us.... More

idmatch : Cleat Optimisation

Dave Butcher | 14/04/2018 14:29:12

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OVERVIEW Ian’s Nevi Spinas is a personal favourite of mine, not least because we discussed the build in some depth over beers. Like me, Ian had been a victim of some unscrupulous bastards who had stolen not one, but two Bianchis; including a Specialissima that he loved. After spending a few.... More

Ian’s Nevi Titanium Spinas Build

Dave Butcher | 05/04/2018 18:40:33

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Technorati Tags: Milan-San Remo,Cycling Monuments,La Primavera,La Classicissima,Cycling,Pro Cycling,Classics,Spring Classics,Sagan,Kwiatkowski,Cavendish I know who wins. I dreamt it. At 06:20 (CET) I woke knowing the result. I don’t dream much, so I’m convinced. Milan - San Remo is the first Monument of the season and the longest race on the calendar at 300km.... More

Milan - San Remo : Visions of Victory

Dave Butcher | 17/03/2018 09:28:00

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Metier are small company of riders who like many of us ride in both urban and rural environments. Metier understand the contrast in the life of a cyclist and it is their aim to develop kit that supports all of your journeys – whether it’s an early morning commute, weekend club ride or climbing a far-away mountain pass. .... More

Metier Beacon : Safety Re-styled

Dave Butcher | 15/03/2018 11:29:27

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Technorati Tags: Custom Bike Builds,Dream Bikes,Disc Brakes,Disc Wheels,Carbon Road Bikes,Enve,Lightweight,Wegweiser,Urgestalt,Sram eTap Hydro This is a carefully considered build and was a pleasure to work on. Anthony Anthony has chosen the Lightweight Urgestalt disc frame as his mountain machine. Yes it’s light, but the more important decision here was to use Lightweight’s Wegweiser Disc Brake.... More

Anthony’s Lightweight Urgestalt Build

Dave Butcher | 07/03/2018 13:11:44

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The Lightweight Meilenstein is one of those wheels that you hear tales of when you first enter the world of cycling, they have an almost grail-like status, and rightly so. The Lightweight Meilenstein has been around for a long time, largely unchanged since its inception. They secured their place in legend after numerous pros secured victories on.... More

Lightweight Meilenstein 24E : Wheel Perfection (R)Evolved

Dave Butcher | 07/03/2018 11:06:36

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With the festive season upon us, we’ve put together some of our favourite gift pieces and Winter essentials to take the hassle out of choosing the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life.   SOCKS! The simplest gift and one that is always welcomed by any cyclist, is the humble sock. Who.... More

The Geese are getting fat……

Dave Butcher | 30/11/2017 19:14:32

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Cyclocross season is upon us. While the seasoned ‘crossers have probably refined their tyre choice and understand the importance of tyre pressures, to the uninitiated these areas may be easy to overlook as you prepare your bike and focus on getting your kit together and yourself to the line for your first races.   .... More

Release the Pressure : The importance of tyres in Cyclocross

Dave Butcher | 27/09/2017 16:51:33

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Stages Power have been around for 5 years now, they were the first to bring a more affordable power meter to a wider audience and – despite some teething issues with battery door problems – have remained a serious force in the market. It will come as no surprise to many that Stages are releasing a dual sided power.... More

First Look : Stages Power L/R – Dual Sided Power Meter

Dave Butcher | 19/09/2017 18:33:39

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The 2017 edition of La Grande Boucle – Le Tour de France – looms. The Tour is as important a race for the sport of road cycling as it is to those that compete in it. The stature of the Tour in road cycling and its history means that it is more often than not,.... More

Fans First

Dave Butcher | 19/06/2017 11:49:55

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The Giro d’Italia – the Pro’s favourite Grand Tour – is on for it’s 100th Edition. Packed with pageantry and alive like no other thanks largely to the enthusiasm and dedication of the Tifosi. The organisers of the Giro have served up a treat this year, starting the race with three beautiful, flat stages in Sardinia and finishing.... More

2017 Giro d’Italia : It’s On!

Rob | 08/05/2017 12:06:24

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The second monument of the season looms large and with renewed rivalries, rosta changes, a revised route and perhaps a little toy-throwing, this year’s edition is set to be a blinder.   The Ronde van Vlaanderen or Tour of Flanders, is arguably the biggest of the cobbled one day races – certainly if you measure.... More

Hellingen : Thoughts on this years Tour of Flanders

Dave Butcher | 31/03/2017 12:24:35

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January as we know it is back in force and with temperatures set to stay at or below zero in the coming days, it seems sensible to offer some tips to deal with the conditions. This isn’t going to be exhaustive, more a nudge for your brain to help remember the common sense things you already know about cycling.... More

Ice Ice Baby

Dave Butcher | 20/01/2017 12:41:48

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