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CeramicSpeed are a Danish company whose genesis began in 1998 after the 24 hour In-line Skating World Record was broken by Jacob Csizmadia using Ceramic Ball Bearings.

2 years later he introduced the first ceramic bearings into the world of Professional cycling and in 2001 they made their debut in the Tour de France with Team CSC. Since 2000 CeramicSpeed have been producing Ceramic bearings for the cycling industry using technology developed as part of NASA's space program. Their hybrid bearings are made with top-grade silicon nitride ceramic balls, making them 58% lighter and 30-50% faster than traditional steel bearings.

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There is a common misconception that ceramic balls are ceramic balls, that they will last longer than steel and deliver similar performance to one another and that costs are inflated. This is not the case at all. Many of these so-called ceramic bearings are actually far more brittle than steel with life-spans less than an average steel ball and that yield insignificant performance gains. Indeed these bearings are detrimental to most riders since when they fail it tends to be catastrophic, ending the ride immediately, where even a steel ball will continue to turn - albeit noisy and gritty, it will get you home!

Unlike 'ceramic' ball bearings from some other companies who produce a bearing in a matter of days, the production of each CeramicSpeed ball takes from 50 to 70 days, with a large proportion of that time given over to polishing the bearing for the ultimate smooth surface - a key element that lends exceptional performance and that is unrivalled in the industry. Hit a competitor's 'ceramic' ball with a hammer and you'll likely see the ball disintegrate into dust.

Do the same with a CeramicSpeed ball and you'll likely dent the hammer. Not all ceramic ball bearings are created equal.

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Compare CeramicSpeed balls with A N Other under a microscope and the difference is immediately apparent. While the CeramicSpeed ball might not be perfectly smooth, the competitor's effort will look like the surface of the moon by comparison : it's why CeramicSpeed offer a limited 4 year warranty on their 'standard ' ceramic balls and a huge 6 year warranty on their Coated variants - you'll need to do some routine maintenance like you would with any bearings, but that says it all.

The performance gains are palpable too. Hold a standard Shimano BB in your hand and turn the bearings, spin a factory fitted jockey wheel from any of the big 3, then do the same with CeramicSpeed's option - the difference is astounding and you'll immediately understand what you're paying for, but more importantly - what you are gaining.

Unlike many fields where performance advantages are often at the cost of longevity, or vice-versa, CeramicSpeed deliver on both fronts with no compromise on either. Their continual development and mind bendingly thorough testing, coupled with the recent acquisition of the Friction Facts Testing Facility in Colorado, allows the CeramicSpeed team to consistently drive up the quality and efficiency of their products.

Some of their products have been so good on the test-bench, they've given up trying to test to destruction for fear of running out of time - that can only be a good thing for us riders.

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