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Approaching the end of his carreer after 18 years as a professional cyclist, brand founder David Millar was under no illusions that his career options going forward might be limited. Having sacrificed - like so many who came before him - many of the opportunities afforded those who take a more conventional career path, it was up to Millar to re-define himself - and not for the first time.

Millar's cycling history is no secret. Like many pros he fell foul of doping culture early in his career, leading to a ban from cycling and personal turmoil. Unlike most, his resolve led to a comeback - a second act - one that ultimately brought him redemption.

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dm:Chpt./// represents the next chapter in Millar's career and comes from a desire to use 18 years experience in a real world application.

The name, Chpt3, as you might expect reflects Millar's career - the first is that which led to his ban from the sport and the second his return to it. The third chapter is the realisation - in partnership with architect and designer Richard Pearce and his long-term sponsors, Castelli - of this new apparel brand. You will notice 19 dashes on the clothing, not simply a clever brand image but one that speaks to the heritage of the brand. The first four symbolise the first clean racing years of Millar's career, followed by three grey and two black, respectively referencing his years doping and two year ban. These are followed by nine white lines; his comeback. The ultimate red dash represents the future, that is CHPT3.

The clothing itself is unique in an industry flooded with variations on a theme. Blending technical function with the feel and look more commonly associated with a finely tailored suit or shirt, Chpt3 is an elegant range of funtionally excellent garments for cycling. Millar spent his career as a mobile billboard for his sponsors and his desire upon retirement was to develop and wear clothing that, rather than being functional at the expense of comfort and style, reflected his own sartorial leanings and that offered elegant solutions to everyday problems, supported by the best available tech; problems mostly ignored in the cut and thrust of modern, team-car-supported professional cycle racing.

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dm:Chpt/// x Castelli is the result of a close partnership with one of the worlds most innovative cycling apparel brands, a relationship that began back in 2005. Chpt.3 bridges the gap between function and form: creating apparel a retired pro would choose to use. The general principal consistent : maximal efficiency with minimalist elegance. Each garment is the result of a problem and is designed, without limit, to be the best solution.

Chpt/// apparel sets you apart from the herd with no detriment to performance.

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