Anthony’s Lightweight Urgestalt Build

   Words by Dave Butcher

   on 07/03/2018 13:11:44

This is a carefully considered build and was a pleasure to work on.


Anthony has chosen the Lightweight Urgestalt disc frame as his mountain machine. Yes it’s light, but the more important decision here was to use Lightweight’s Wegweiser Disc Brake wheels.

Lightweight_Urgestalt_Wegweiser_hub      Lightweight_Urgestalt_Wegweiser   

Climbing is always aided by minimising weight but this is often at the risk of your carbon rims when reaping the rewards of your labours on hot descents. The use of a disc carbon wheel gives the low weight advantage but removes the risk of damage to expensive carbon rims.

So it’s a Win, Win!

Lightweight_Urgestalt_3      Lightweight_Urgestalt_Seatpost

The Urgestalt frame is a classically inspired tubeset that presents simple, clean lines and is definitely one for the purists. But it’s not just about the aesthetic. The Urgestalt, married to those Wegweisers is a well balanced ride that remains responsive but not nervously so. Geometry is refined and aimed at the all-round rider : suitable as much for eyeballs out as for all day mountain epics.


The wireless Sram Red eTap Wi-Fli Groupset is a sensible choice for the hills since it minimises weight and provides every gear you might need. Spare batteries are small enough to carry with minimal intrusion, and it adds to the clean look too.


A Verve Infocrank powermeter will help keep Anthony in the black as he taps out a steady climbing pace for the long haul.



  • Lightweight Urgestalt Disc Frame in Black / White for a classic look.
  • Lightweight Wegweiser carbon Disc wheelset
  • SRAM Red eTap Hydro WiFli Groupset
  • Verve InfoCrank Power Meter Crankset

Check out Lightweight here

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