Black Friday : Shift Your Perspective #3

   Words by Dave Butcher

   on 24/11/2018 17:03:30

And now for something completely different……


It’s Sunday - the day of rest, or at least it used to be. Most of us are now used to having our time invaded either by work emails or ‘phone calls outside of traditional work hours - even on a Sunday. Mobile devices, notifications and the ‘belief’ that we must be on hand to respond, like or otherwise engage with every little thing at all times, is swallowing up our ability to be truly social.

Case in point, last week over the ‘phone,  a customer who had just purchased a bike asked me to give him my mobile number so that when he “had a puncture late at night, in the hills, 4 miles from home’’ he could call me. What on earth he thought I could do for him in those circumstances was beyond me; and the expectation that I should be readily available for him to call at all times of the day and night was astounding.

I heard a disturbing tale about a friend's daughter recently. When posting on Instagram, she monitors her posts to see how many likes she gets - if she doesn’t receive a certain number within a particular time frame, she removes the post - because to her mind, it’s not good enough. What does that say about the future mental health of the population?

Nothing good.

How many times have you had to avoid someone in the street because they simply aren’t engaged with their surroundings? I’ve actually pulled a person out of the road when they walked straight into the path of an oncoming car - nose in their ‘phone. Didn’t even get a thank you. Nonsense right?!

Some of us are brave enough to ignore the constant interruption, keeping sacred that which is becoming a rarer commodity - free time.

So for my 3rd #shiftyourperspective I’m concentrating on the important stuff. Friends, family and real perspective-shifting engagement with our environment. I’ll try and keep it short because you’ll want to get out on your bike, get the ride in with your friends before you come home and spend time with your families.

I’m a mountain man. I am my best self when I’m in them - better still when I’m with friends - and preferably without wi-fi or a mobile network. For me, riding my bike and snowboarding are vices – real escape. The mountains are a very good place to get perspective. Sat on the snow or resting against your top-tube and soaking up their scale is freeing - and it reminds me that ‘stuff’ means very little.

The below collection of images - by no means comprehensive - are some of my favourite moments on the bike and a few of the snow. A handful are images provided by customers and friends who wanted to share their meaningful moments too. I am pleased to say that some of the best moments I’ve experienced, aren’t recorded in photos - because I was in it at the time.

So, ride and remember why you love it this weekend #RAR.

Turn off your mobile for a day / half a day and enjoy that free time with the people who matter. Be truly social!

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Cheers for taking the time!


IMG_5066 beerandcake

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