Building the Dream : Jon’s Custom Sarto Lampo Plus

   Words by Dave Butcher

   on 11/11/2019 12:18:00


Jon is a long time customer of ours and we have been with him throughout his road cycling journey. His evolving bike collection had humble beginnings and has seen a logical progression from stock, mainstream bikes to more revered names such as Pinarello. Moving from off-the peg to dedicated builds, Jon’s journey has led him to appreciate the benefits of a fully custom build and one that can evolve with his riding. He has landed here : Sarto’s Lampo Plus fully integrated, custom geometry, carbon, aero beast.


Jon was fitted by us - a conversation led process - to establish the optimum geometry for this new build. Understanding the elements he enjoyed from his previous bikes, the style of riding and goals Jon has for the future – not just his physical measures – has led us to a geometry that delivers everything he needs for right now, as well as building in some scope to allow for improving fitness and flexibility.

Sarto-Lampo_Plus-1        Sarto-Lampo_Plus-2

Sarto’s Fully Integrated Cockpit is a delight to fit offering clean internal routing and a stunning aero and aesthetic finish.  Colour Matched Carbon Bottle cages come supplied.

Sarto-Lampo_Plus-3        Sarto-Lampo_Plus-4

With Sarto’s Custom frame builds, the rider not only has the choice of geometry and lay-up as well as Bottom Bracket standard; but they have a blank canvas on which to cast their brush. Jon has opted for a relatively understated Storm Grey finish, with a tone-on-tone Sarto wordmark logo on the downtube. Colour comes from Papaya Orange paintwork on the internal faces of the front fork and rear stays, as well as the supplied carbon bottle cages. Orange handlebar tape is the only other embellishment.


Jon has embraced the many changes of drivetrain and braking technology over the years and has chosen the SRAM eTAP AXS 12 speed Hydro (Disc) groupset for his Lampo Plus. With minimalism to the fore, the AXS group lends itself superbly to the Lampo Plus frame and integrated cockpit, no hoses are visible save for their connection to the calipers.

From a mechanic’s perspective, it is worth saying here that the integration of hoses through the bar and stem is the best we’ve so far seen. The routing is clean and relatively simple and the considered lines through the bars and into the stem are a revelation, both from the point of installation and aesthetically.


To partner the groupset and deliver the best balance of aero and performance for his riding, Jon has chosen the extremely fast and graphically complementary Zipp 454 NSW Wheels and shod them with the phenomenal Vittoria Corsa G2.0 tyres.


  • SARTO Lampo PLUS Frameset. CUSTOM Geometry  -  A flagship Carbon frame to rival top end race machines, with aerodynamics and user friendly integration to the fore. User defined ride feel through custom carbon lay-up.

  • ZIPP 454 NSW Disc Wheels -  Fast. Stiff. Comfortable

  • SRAM eTAP AXS 12 speed Electronic Hydro Groupset

  • Sarto proprietary custom integrated Handlebar and stem

  • Colour-matched seatpost and Carbon bottle cages.

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