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Scope Wheels

Class leading wheel sets that deliver on all key fronts

Introducing Scope Wheels

A Dutch based collection of Engineers, Designers and - most importantly - cyclists, intent on providing class leading wheel sets that deliver on all key fronts : Aerodynamics, Stiffness, Weight and Durability without focus on, or compromise in, any single element.

Developed in Holland, Scope's concise range of Carbon, Tubeless-ready wheels are market leading products whose design and production has taken its own path in order to provide the rider with everything they need and expect, at sensible prices, without compromise or smokescreen.

Now, if you've read any background on pretty much any bike brand, new or otherwise, you will often hear a similar refrain as regards their approach. In our experience, much of what we hear is used to justify an inflated price for a product that is - to all intents and purposes - largely the same (from R&D to Production) as A N Other brand already available. This is particularly true in the Wheel market.

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Our desire at 700 is to stock and present products that we feel stand above the rest.

Products that are truly innovative or whose approach doesn't simply replicate that of another product's development. Scope are one of those brands.

Scope - unlike many other wheel brands in market - are looking for the perfect balance between aerodynamics, lightness, stiffness, and durability - rather than focussing on a single element. As such, their concise range of Carbon, tubeless-ready wheels are ideal for the real-world rider, delivering on all fronts with quite astounding results; especially given the real-world pricing.

All their products are developed in-house at facilities in Eindhoven. Considered the Dutch Silicon Valley, the city is also home to Brainport, the High-Tech campus, the University of Technology Eindhoven, and the Design Academy. With their headquarters in one of Europe's leading high-tech areas they are able to continuously improve their products and to redefine the future of modern wheel building.

To be able to compete with industry-leading brands Scope have combined their technical background and pro cycling experience with more specific knowledge from development partners who - like them - are keen to push the boundaries of wheel building.

The result is a range of wheels that quite often resets the benchmark in their class and encompasses all elements key to a good wheel : Aerodynamics, Lateral stiffness, weight and durability.

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Handling, control and stability of your bike are factors that a wheel can have a dramatic influence on

Speed comes in part from control & confidence and Scope's raft of developments and production technologies, combined with real-world data and experience, have driven the development of a simple-to-understand range of wheels that offer real riders tangible benefits in handling and speed - all at a price that should have the competition worried.

Scope's range consists of 3 Road models in Disc or Rim brake configuration and one Off-road / Gravel model. The R3, R4 and R5 road models are named for their depth, all depths are priced the same and each is available with a Black or White graphic as standard. If you are looking for a semi-custom colour graphic to match your ride these are also available for a small up-charge, a nice touch to help to help you stand out in the bunch. Design partners SKF and CeramicSpeed provide the bearing options, from industry leading steel to market-defining Ceramic for both durability and performance.

Simple choice and unquestionable performance - all at sensible prices - has led us to adopt Scope as our mid range wheel partner and we're confident that no matter how you ride, Scope will have a wheelset that will meet your needs.

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