The Athletic Community

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The Athletic Community

The Athletic Community started in Portland Oregon USA in October 2013, founded by Julie Krasniak and Jeremy Dunn who had a long time dream to create a space to showcase their passion for sport and design.

From a dream to a reality all it took was a pair of socks — the PDX airport carpet socks — were the first sock created. They were a huge hit with not only the cycling community in and around Portland, but travelers and fans of the airport itself. In no time at all the socks were being shipped around the world, and even sold in the airport. This initial success afforded the ability to grow The Athletic Community and it's own line of sports apparel and accessories.

The Athletic Community is a little bit of everything and a lot of fun. They design and make sport and casual socks as well as sport accessories and apparel in the United States, Italy, Portugal and Poland, to name a few. Their designs are connected to the imagery of their favorites sports, including cycling and their manufacturing is carefully selected to reach the highest quality available.

The Athletic Community are a small team, but they are passionate and work hard to bring you the best - all the while keeping their products engaging and fun and after all, that's what it's all about!


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