Wend Waxworks : Performance Lubrication

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Wend Waxworks : Performance Lubrication

WEND WAXWORKS have a long and successful history in winter sports, producing a sophisticated line of Ski and Snowboard waxes and a range of superb cleaners. They have an eco-friendly stance too.
The new range of Wend Cycling Wax lubricants and cleaners have already met with plenty of positive feedback and are currently unique in the market of cycling lubes.
Wend have created a Paraffin based wax lube that offers all the widely recognised performance benefits of Paraffin waxing, but with none of the hassle. Paraffin based drivetrain lubricants are generally considered the most efficient from a friction reduction perspective but they require a huge time investment since you have to remove the chain entirely and soak it in molten paraffin - an inherently risky endeavour too!
Aside from the performance benefits, Wend Chain Wax offers an incredible cleanliness absent from most other lubes and your chain is unlikely to collect dirt at the rate of liquid lubes resulting in a smoother, quieter drive-train that is simple to relube and a sight less messy.


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