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Tubes, Tape and Cement

Tubes, Tape and Cement

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Continental R28 Super Sonic Inner tube : 700c : 60mm Long Valve http://www.7hundred.co.uk/http://www.7hundred.co.uk/images/mad/tuc818910.jpg

Continental R28 Supersonic 700 x 20 - 25C Presta 60mm valve inner tube. A super lightweight inner tube that will dramatically reduce the rolling weight of your wheels for performance and handling gains.

Continental R28 Inner tube : 700x20-25c : 60mm Valve http://www.7hundred.co.uk/http://www.7hundred.co.uk/images/mad/tuc817910.jpg

Continental R28 Race Innertube. 700 x 20-25c with 60mm long Presta valve.

Continental Cross Inner tube : 700x32-42 : 60mm Long Presta Valve http://www.7hundred.co.uk/http://www.7hundred.co.uk/images/mad/tuc819410.jpg

Continental Cross 700 x 32 - 42C Presta 42 mm long valve inner tube

Continental Cross Inner tube : 700x32-42 : 42mm Presta Valve http://www.7hundred.co.uk/http://www.7hundred.co.uk/images/mad/tuc819510.jpg

Continental Cross 700 x 32 - 42C Presta 60 mm long valve inner tube

Continental R28 Race Light Inner tube : 700c : 80mm Extra Long Valve http://www.7hundred.co.uk/http://www.7hundred.co.uk/images/mad/tuc818710.jpg

Continental R28 Light 700 x 20 - 25C Presta 80mm Extra Long valve inner Tube

Giant Inner Tube : 700x20-25 : 60mm Presta Valve http://www.7hundred.co.uk/http://www.7hundred.co.uk/images/giant7100x20-25ctube60mm.jpg

Giant Road Inner Tube : 700 x 20-25c with 60mm threaded Valve

Giant Inner Tube : 700x20-25 : 48mm Presta Valve http://www.7hundred.co.uk/http://www.7hundred.co.uk/images/giant7100x20-25ctube60mm.jpg

Giant Road Inner Tube : 700 x 20-25c with 48mm threaded Valve

Continental Tub Cement (Carbon) 25g http://www.7hundred.co.uk/http://www.7hundred.co.uk/images/continental_tub_cement.jpg

Continental Tub Cement for keeping your tubs firmly on your rims!

Tufo Tubular Tape http://www.7hundred.co.uk/http://www.7hundred.co.uk/images/tufotubtape1.jpg

Tufo Tubular Gluing Tape for road tubular tyres. The simplest and cleanest way to glue tubular tyres to the rim.

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