2021 Pinarello Prince FX TiCR FRAMESET : RIM BRAKE : Black On Black

  • €3,483.50

The new 2021 Pinarello Prince FX TiCR Rim Brake FRAME SET features revised geometry that delivers F12 technology and legendary ride feel for riders without a pro contract! Available to order from Italy, the frame includes fork, seatpost and headset

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Product description

Season : 2021
Weight : 0KG

The new 2021 PRINCE FX from Pinarello is supplied in the UK as a Disc only model and in a single colourway - Orange. For those that want them, we are able to source, From Pinarello in Italy, the FX Framesets in both Rim (as this one is) and disc versions in the BoB Black colourway. Leadtimes are arounfd 6 weeks but may be longer at certain times of the year.

The details of the developments in the new 2021 Prince and FX framesets can be found in my write up for the complete bikes below.

Frames are supplied as Frame, fork headset and seatpost and will require all other parts, wheels and a groupset. Please do get in touch to discuss options

Last year I wrote, reasonably effusively, about the re-launch of the Pinarello Prince; with good reason. The Prince has been an iconic bike since it’s first Scandium iteration and it’s initial re-birth as a carbon model in 2008 and it garnered widespread praise from riders and critics. Offering an - at the time - novel interpretation of the ONDA fork it delivered the classic Pinarello ride so loved by anyone who has ridden one.

The 2019/20 Prince range was a platform derived from the Dogma F10 - a bike all will no doubt be familiar with. It was touted as a more comfortable ride for us proles and non-pros, courtesy of the use of different, slightly lower specification carbon (T900 in the FX and T700 in the standard Prince). They were incredibly popular models, no doubt partly thanks to the more accessible price points and decidedly Dogma-esque profile.

For 2021, given the success of the previous models, Pinarello have switched it up once more, this time with more consideration given to the likely end-user - you. Moreover, the reference point has shifted too, with many of the technologies developed for the Dogma F12 flagship finding their way into the platform, modified to suit the intended user.

Rather than simply using the grade of carbon (with their inherent increase in flex as you descend the gradings) to deliver the compliance the real world rider may prefer, Pinarello have taken their time to revise geometries and homogenise sizing across their Prince and Paris platforms. Ultimately this has resulted in a condensed run of 9 sizes that eliminates the need for Easy-Fit geometries and concentrates on the traditional bell-curve distribution of rider profile and that standardises across the mid range. This approach better serves the rider population while remaining completely valid across genders and serving ‘outlying’ taller and shorter riders.

This may not sound like much of a feat but needs to be viewed in the context of a brand famed for the ‘feel’ of the ride that they create. Simply changing numbers can result in horrendous ride characteristics - something Pinarello absolutely will not compromise on.

The focus of the geometry changes has been in the - almost industry standard - of Stack and Reach. The 2020 Prince was near identical to the aggressive Dogma, while the new, revised geometries of the 2021 model are both shorter in reach and taller in stack. These Stack and Reach changes deliver enhanced comfort to riders less likely to be smashing out 150km+ stage races, day after day at the pinnacle of the sport! Using the 2020 Prince as a starting point and with the F12 as a reference, Pinarello have created a bike with geometries that deliver the racing heritage of the Dogma platform in a package better suited to the intended consumer. Pinarello have achieved a wide spread (and smoothly transitioning) range of stack and reach profiles, despite the smaller number of sizes, making finding the correct size a simpler affair.

I suggested before that simply changing the stack and reach alone, is not enough to guarantee a good ride. Indeed Pinarello have revised the rake on the front fork of the smaller sizes (from 47mm to 52mm) in order to standardise the ‘Trail’ of the front end; a key aspect when delivering a particular ‘feel’ or handling characteristic. This decision clearly implies a considerable logistical effort, which is justified precisely in the consistency of the trail dimension, which in turn translates into a consistent ride feeling between all sizes.

Fundamentally, the 2021 Prince bikes are characterised by a new geometry that tempers the extreme road racing soul of the Dogma F12, from which they are derived.

It is reasonable to assume that if you are taking your design lead from the flagship model in a range, then much of that technology will be in evidence in the frame you subsequently create. This is very much the case with the new Prince range. I don’t want to get into the minutiae since much of the detail - for those that want it - can be found in the F12 descriptions, but I will touch on certain elements. Suffice to say that the aero shaping of the headtube, the associated front fork crown integration and fork flap are all in evidence, as is the asymmetry in the tubeset, eLink for groupset integration into the downtube and the increased capacity for 28mm tyres.

One of the key changes from the previous model comes in the down tube - and this is worth mentioning as it speaks not only to approach in achieving the goal of delivering a more compliant ride, but also to the technological skill involved. Pinarello have down-sized the downtube to deliver improved comfort to the ride of the Prince range.

So what?

Downsizing can be risky unless you have a clear understanding of the structural behaviour of a bike in all riding situations : uphill, downhill, cornering, braking safely, out-of-the-saddle pedaling position etc) so striking the necessary balance between compliance and stiffness, while maintaining both stability and a desired ride characteristic, is no small task. The Prince features a 3mm lower profile than the F12 yet retains the Dogma’s tube width. This yields the target compliance for the platform while retaining the lateral rigidity that helps deliver performance.

Downtube Comparison

To further refine the ride, the new Prince also shares the deeper, more square shaped chainstays of the F12 yet retains the same profile of seat-stay as the previous Prince. This delivers much the same effect as the down-tube refinement in that the comfort is not compromised, but power delivery improves, specifically by creating a responsive but stable back end when delivering power out of the saddle.

Further to these changes, Pinarello wanted to ensure stability under braking but with more forgiving behaviour than the F12. This has been achieved through a change in design of the front fork - notably an enlarged left blade cross section. It’s a similar story on the rear, with the left hand chainstay benefiting from an increased cross-section as well as a slight upturn to better position the caliper to counter braking forces. At the same time, the famous ONDA shaping in both areas ensures that the compliance is not compromised and road vibration is deftly dealt with before the bulk of it destroys both the handling and your body. While not necessarily germain to the above issues of forces and compliance, it is a nice touch that Pinarello have used a full carbon left hand drop-out at the rear and demonstrates - once again - their commitment to the Prince platform.

Another key change comes in the form of integration. Like the F12 from which it is derived, the new Prince platforms now feature a much larger front end and utilse the same 1-1/2” to 1-1/2” headset configuration as the flagship. The introduction of the “TiCR” system (Total internal Cable Routing), which allows all cabling and hoses to be routed through a suitable bar and stem, yields an aero saving of 85% of the cable and wire drag. The remaining 15% being the result of the short housing portions exposed externally on the frame and necessary for connections with the brake and disc calipers.

In addition the new Prince bikes are fully compatible with all groupsets both mechanical and electronic. While this is not new, the TiCR integration allows for more functionality across more groupsets. Derived from the F10 Di2 down tube junction box opening, the new eLink is areal control center of all groupsets.

With the TiCR system, the level of integration increases, and the eLink™ has now evolved to be compatible with all electronic groupsets and - as a bit of a coup since internal routing removes the possibility of an external cable adjuster for the front derailleur - even mechanical groupsets can be adjusted through it. A dedicated adjuster has been developed to be placed into the eLink™ slot, allowing adjustment of the front derailleur cable simply through an Allen key screw.


All UK models come fitted with the new MOST Tiger ALU TiCR stem and compatible Jaguar XA ALU TiCR handlebar which conceal the cables internally offering cost effective aero gains and a clear upgrade path for those looking to indulge in a £750 Most Talon ULTRA integrated bar and stem. Interestingly, the use of TiCR in combination with all the other refinements, makes (to my mind at least) the new Prince FX a better proposition than an F10 and is set to make the Prince an incredibly popular platform in coming seasons.


Succinctly, all of the developments discussed above (and some that are not) have been deployed to perfectly balance both compliance and stiffness and to yield a family of pure, racing bikes that deliver the feel of a pro bike but without the aggressive positional and physical aspects associated with it.

To further this goal and to continue the concept into more accessible realms for the end consumer, Pinarello once again present the Prince in an FX and a Standard version.

The FX adopts the high level Torayca T900 carbon fiber (in 3K finish), while the normal version utilises the mid-level T700, in UD finish. This choice clearly differentiates the FX version from the common one, in term of stiffness, weight and cost.

The T900 carbon fibre in 3K finish is a very high performance material, and in combination with the absence of cable stopper seats, offers a very stiff and lightweight mid-range frame and forks. At the same time, the mid-level T700 carbon fibre, especially in UD finish (which reduces weight over a weave) delivers a frame and forks that, considering the mid-range target, show a competitive level of weight and stiffness in line with the brand.

The Range:

In the UK, the 2020 range is comprised entirely of DISC models.

Both Prince and Prince FX are available in Ultegra or Ultegra Di2 builds and are finished with Fulcrum Racing 5 DB wheels and all feature the new Aluminium MOST Tiger TiCR stem and Jaguar TiCR handlebars for integrated cable and hose routing.

The FX is available from stock in the Orange colourway only, while the standard model Prince is available in 3 stock colours : BOB, White and Red.

For those that want them, the FX and standard models are also available in RIM brake with a raft of structural changes following the ethos of the disc models These are available to special order from Italy but will have a lead time of 6+ weeks. Similarly, other colours may be available from Italy with the same lead times.

  • FORK

If you wish to discuss other Non-UK Options, please get in touch

Size Guide

2021 Prince Geometry

The pro's opinion

Technical Information

  • Carbon Torayca T900 3K
  • Asymmetric Frame
  • Fork ONDA with ForkFlap™
  • FlatBack Profile
  • Concave Downtube
  • TiCR™ Total Internal Cable Routing
  • E-Link™
  • Drop in Bearing System 1 ½” - 1 ½”
  • Italian thread BB
  • FSC Frontal Seatclamp
  • 3XAir™
  • RAD SYSTEM Disc brake
  • Front Axle 100x12mm Shimano®
  • Rear Axle 142x12mm Shimano®
  • Disc Flat Mount max 160mm
  • Max Tyre 700x28mm
  • UCI Approved

Buyers Guide

The 2021 Pinarello Paris and Prince ranges offer up some unique geometries that bring the Pinarello ride feel - so loved by owners of the brand - within reach of those without the physique and form of Pro riders; and let's face it, that's most of us!

However, these new geometries also throw a spanner in the works when it comes to sizing and you must not assume that the size of Pinarello you currently ride (if that's the case) will simply translate to the new models. You definitely should not (and this is a solid piece of advice for anyone buying any new bike) buy the same size as the bike you currently ride. Geometries from brand to brand vary enormously, as they do within models within a brand. Many brands also measure differently and as such, always seek advice before buying - or better still - get a bike fit.

So, as a guide for those looking to buy a Paris or Prince and who are unsure of fit, below are conversion charts from Pinarello that directly correlate the previous model sizing (including stem length) with the revised geometries of the new models.

As always, if you are at all unsure, please do get in touch with us and we'll be happy to advise. You can call us on 01753 858777 (choose option 1)

Paris Conversion
Prince Conversion Chart



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