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Indoor Cycling & Training

Indoor Cycling has evolved.

Once a necessary evil, dictated by bad Winter conditions and a desire to stay on-form in the off season, Indoor Cycling has morphed into a discipline in itself. Already on the rise pre-covid, as technologies from the likes of Wahoo, Tacx, Stages, Zwift, Rouvy and others, allowed for a more immersive - and indeed effective - means of training and riding when the weather outside or time constraints limited us; the global pandemic augmented the practice. With time to excercise outdoors limited and social distancing allowing only solo rides, we had to look to the virtual world for our cycling and group-riding fix.

Technologies have developed to allow us to simulate the feel and the rise & fall of the road ahead in our virtual or simulated worlds. Triggering the muscles used for climbing is now possible indoors with the likes of Wahoo's Kickr Climb or Kickr Bike, making your epic sessions even more beneficial. Training plans integrated into our chosen software, coupled with power meter integration, have given purpose to our indoor sessions and deliver incredible health and performance gains - even for the time constrained user. Online racing is the new thing, removing barriers for those who may otherwise be nervous of trying their hand at a local crit and safe in the knowledge that they can compete without the risk of coming down in a crash, suffering injury and - most importantly - wrecking their bike! At the same time, Indoor cycling is also a social activity - so critical in these times.

It's a realtively unique discipline and there are some interesting bolt-ons to enhance the way you experience the virtual and to bring the indoor ride to life. Simialrly, there are necessities to make your time on the trainer a more pleasant one: from lightweight, high-wicking ventilated clothing and shoes, to simple sweat bands, caps and sweat covers, fans, mats and desks. In our indoor Cycling Collection we bring together the things you may need in order to get the most from your indoor riding, training and racing.

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