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Assos CLEARANCE Cycling Clothing and Accessories Sale

Final close-out on Assos Cycling clothing and accessories.

Assos are a cycling apparel brand synonymous with quality and performance and are famed particularly for their shorts.

Based in Switzerland on the border with Italy, Assos have been at the forefront of cycling clothing since the introduction in 1976, of their then revolutionary lycra cycling short that changed the face of cycling.

Blending stereotypical Swiss precision with Italian passion, Assos continue to push boundaries and pioneer cycling clothing with meticulous attention to detail, proprietary materials, ergonomic design and elegant aesthetics.

Assos' range is broad, offering the discerning cyclist all they could need to get the most from their cycling : indoors and out, regardless of discipline and offers complementary fits for racers and enthusiasts alike. Offering a selection of jerseys, shorts, tights, jackets, base layers, gilets and accessories - as well as the products to take proper care of them - Assos is a brand you can be confident in to support you in your riding.

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