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Officine Mattio

'dedication to craftsmanship'


Officine Mattio is an Italian bicycle manufacturer that has gained recognition for its dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and performance. Conceived by Giovanni Roffarello in 2013, Officine Mattio has quickly carved a niche for itself in the high-end bicycle market since it's flagship bike, the Lemma, was first released in 2015. This rapid establishment is testament to the brand's exquisite handcrafted frames that are meticulously designed to provide a balance of aesthetics and functionality and that are eminently rideable.

Officine Mattio's bicycles are renowned for their unique blend of traditional homage combined with cutting-edge technology. Each frame is meticulously constructed by hand in Italy, by skilled artisans who prioritise attention to detail. The result is a stable of bicycles in a range of materials that not only deliver exceptional performance, but that are also works of art in their own right.


One of the standout features of Officine Mattio is its commitment to customisation. Customers can work closely with the brand through carefully selected dealers, to create bespoke bicycles tailored to their specific needs and preferences: from geometry, bottom bracket standards, routing and paintwork. Nothing is off the table. This level of personalisation sets Officine Mattio apart, appealing to those who seek a truly unique riding experience rather than the off-the-shelf norm.

The brand places a strong emphasis on the use of high-quality materials and processes. By utilising the finest lightweight carbon fibre such as Torayca's T1100 - previously the preserve of the likes of Pinarello - to premium Columbus XCR and Spirit HSS steel, Officine Mattio ensure that their bicycles are not only visually stunning but also durable and efficient.


Much of their appeal is their approach to construction. OM employ an entirely proprietary carbon frame forming process: IWS or Internal Wrap System. Unlike traditional moulding where 'bagged' frames have pressure and temperature applied externally, IWS - through precisely controlled temperatures and high forming internal pressure that presses the carbon out towards the mould - allows the carbon fibre to run uncut through the junctions on OM frames, reaching deep into each tube section. The result is an incredibly consistent structure with the strength and streamlining qualities of monocoque moulding but that which also allows full custom frame geometry - a key point of difference for Officine Mattio and a genuinely bespoke approach.

Beyond the customisation of Geometry, OM also allow clients to specify carbon lay-up to dial in their desired ride feel for their particular style of riding, so your Officine Mattio is both optimal and truly unique.

Whether you're a road cyclist or gravel rider, Officine Mattio offers a range of models to cater to various tastes and riding styles. If you seek top-tier performance, are a connoisseur of cycling aesthetics or simply like to look beyond the heavily marketed offerings, Officine Mattio is a brand that caters to those who demand the best.

The Lemma is the company's flagship model.

Named for the Alpine climb on which its prototype forbears helped to craft its form, it is a true all-rounder. The Lemma is a rare beast that delivers everything we love most about cycling. Speed, reactivity, confident descents, multi hour climbs - but also long days soaking up our surrounds; be that in the mountains or on the flat and regardless of whether the surface is corrugated or silky smooth. All with a race-forward approach but sustainably so. This truly capable creature is a dream to ride with a balanced geometry that make it adroit anywhere, and impeccable manners to boot. Laterally rigid, the ride is confident and controlled with exceptional power transfer to keep you in the game even when you're flagging. All the while its deftly delivered compliance tempers the aggression just enough to ensure you never tire of the ride.

Available in two guises : The Lemma RT is constructed from pinnacle Torayca T1100 for the lightest, stiffest and raciest ride. The Lemma 3.0 employs T800 for a marginally more compliant and slightly heavier build that is no less engaging.

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Similar in goals to the Lemma, the OM is Officine Mattio's Monocoque offering and marks a new era of manufacturing philosophy for the brand. Designed with oversized squared off tubing for enhanced aerodynamics and stiffness, and with a slightly taller and shorter geometry than the Lemma, the OM features the best technologies to deliver a competitive, responsive and fast ride, all in a lightweight package.

Like its stablemate, the OM is available in 2 lay-ups. An RT version using Torayca T1100 and a T700 OM 1 for a more accessible and comfortable ride. Made in Cuneo, the OM platform will speak to those who prefer a simple, clean aesthetic and more compact and accommodating geometries.

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Sharing geometries with the Lemma, the new SL marks the culmination of many years of Officine Mattio's work on producing super-light chassis' that retain the stability of more substantial frames. With an elegant simplicity in styling, the clean lines and classic geometries belie a fast, responsive and highly capable frame, best suited - but by no means limited to - the hills. At 660g, the SL is a spry and agile climber that is equally at home on the descent. Light yet robust. Classic yet modern. The SL is available in a single build and unsurprisingly takes full advantage of Torayca T1100 fibres to deliver its incredible prowess.

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Prototyped on the "Santiago Walk" the Santiago is synonymous with adventure. A multi-faceted gravel machine capable of delivering you to the finish line - however you choose to define it. The Santiago is a versatile creature and can be set-up either as a speed focused gravel racer, or as the perfect travelling companion on bike packing or multi-day adventures, using 700c or 650b wheels respectively - each allowing generous tyre clearance. Equipped with a host of mounts for all eventualities, the Santiago is available in Carbon, Aluminium or Columbus XCR Steel variants to suit your preference, goals and budget, and delivers the signature performance of the Mattio Workshops.

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In an age of carbon, it is refreshing to see artisan builders continuing the long tradition of producing bikes in Steel. Officine Mattio are no slouch when it comes to Steel frames, offering no less than 8 options in both Disc and Rim configurations. Here at 700 we do not list them all - though we can happily source them for you. Rather we choose to focus on the Eremo Disc, because if you're going to do it...

Built from Columbus' premium XCR Stainless tubing (vs the Spirit HSS found on the Brondello) and with clearance for 35mm tyres, the Eremo Disc speaks to the future as much as it honours the past. XCR is a state of the art tubing that lends itself to performance road applications and has a high chrome content that eliminates corrosion. Worked to perfection by Officine Mattio's artisans and exquisitely finished, these timeless pieces are works of art that will delight any rider.

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