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SWI at 700

SWI is an ultra-premium cycling brand

Creating unique and remarkably beautiful bespoke, high performance custom carbon road bikes. Each SWI frame is engineered in Switzerland and fabricated in Italy in the historical Insubria region, famed for its tradition of crafting works of extraordinary beauty and engineering prowess. It is a masterpiece both in terms of artistry and fabrication.

Stefano Cenere, SWI's founder, has a history of jewellery manufacture at the highest levels and is an expert in carbon fibre composites. Marrying his fastidious attention to detail with a dedicated commitment to the best engineering and his appreciation of cycling, led to the creation of SWI. What has followed is over 4 years R&D and 50+ prototypes, tested by world tour legends Paulo Bettini and Luca Paolini, that has culminated in the realisation of the AEQUUS SL: an unrivalled fusion of artistry and engineering and the only bike produced by the company.

The SWI AEQUUS SL is a true monocoque, built in one unified piece from the world's finest high-grade carbon textile, hand-crafted for each customer and finished to the highest standards.


SWI's approach to frame manufacture is distinct from the rest of the market in two key areas. Construction and materials.

The SWI AEQUUS SL utilises a unique, patented construction process that yields a frame as a single, uninterrupted shell or Unified Carbon Shell. It is a true monocoque.

Hand laid in northern Italy as a single unit within a single mould, the resultant seamless frames are lighter, stiffer more durable and more precisely aligned than is possible with bonding.

"When you understand the technology behind our bikes, you will understand that it simply will not be possible to mass produce these bikes. The process is simply too costly and expensive. Just our raw materials can cost up to 10 times the price of that used in a mass produced bike."

Stefano Cenere (Founder of SWI)

In addition to the unique fabrication process, SWI employ novel and highly technical composite materials.

SWI is the only bicycle manufacturer in the world utilising NTPT high performance carbon textiles and this matters since NTPT composites differ greatly from those commonly employed in the manufacture of bicycles.

With an exceptionally dense unidirectional carbon weave of up to 29 ply, the dense weave yields a textile no thicker than other carbon materials used in bike building and with significantly fewer voids - a point of weakness in carbon materials. The result is an appreciably higher stiffness to weight ratio than typically seen in frame manufacturing and its multi-layered composition allows for unrivalled lay-up customisation, so you can build the bike for YOUR riding.



Ultimately the SWI AEQUUS SL is an investment in your riding. Built using the highest quality carbon available, with a unique and uncompromising manufacturing process, and with a lay-up that can be defined, not just refined by you; the AEQUUS is a long term consideration. A bike that is subject to less deterioration and fade as a function of its engineering, it will deliver the ride you want, year after year for unerring performance. With an elegant simplicity and understated yet classy aesthetic, it will be the crown jewel of your collection.

Indeed - given the complexities of construction, the unique nature of the build and your colour options, your SWI will be very rare indeed - if not entirely unique - and with current numbers per year likely to be around 50 frames globally, you won't be following the bunch so much as carving your own line.