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"The breadth of specialist bike knowledge and expertise in my experience is as good as you will find anywhere from the smallest components and accessories right through to a complete bike and after care services.

700 give you pretty much everything you would expect from a local bike shop in terms of attention, time and invaluable advice even though many will purchase online.

The kit they supply across the board tends to be top end brands in all areas, point being you will not be sold any old dross just to make a sale which gives confidence in the quality you are buying. For sure you get what you pay for and what you pay for is good."

The 2017 edition of La Grande Boucle – Le Tour de France – looms. The Tour is as important a race for the sport of road cycling as it is to those that compete in it. The stature of the Tour in road cycling and its history means that it is more often than not,.... More

Fans First

Dave Butcher | 19/06/2017 11:49:55

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The Giro d’Italia – the Pro’s favourite Grand Tour – is on for it’s 100th Edition. Packed with pageantry and alive like no other thanks largely to the enthusiasm and dedication of the Tifosi. The organisers of the Giro have served up a treat this year, starting the race with three beautiful, flat stages in Sardinia and finishing.... More

2017 Giro d’Italia : It’s On!

Rob | 08/05/2017 12:06:24

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On the road with 700

700 was opened in the summer of 2011 with one goal in mind; helping all road riders from all aspects of the sport, be it professional road racing, triathlon or sportive riding furnish their passion with all the advice and equipment they may need. At 700 we offer both Bike Fitting and Cleat Analysis Services to help you optimise your position on the bike in order to minimise the risk of injury and to get the best performance and comfort from your riding. 

At 700 we are looking to present the products we stock in their best light; each run of items is given its own space and is never pushed into a corner. Online each product where appropriate is given it’s own in-depth description written by us and photographed in order to best display it’s characteristics and to give you a feeling of what the product would be like if you were to actually touch it. We have tried very hard to pick our brands carefully in order to keep our range of products limited to those which firstly fulfill their purpose superbly and secondly offer what we feel is the best choice at each price point. Everything you find on our shelves will have been endorsed by one or another of us and it would not have made it there if we were unable to see its value.

We feel that every customer should have the same exceptional level of service; we want you to be able to draw from our many years of experience both in the bicycle industry and out on the road. Between us we ride thousands of miles every week, some of us as Sportive or pleasure riders and others of us who enjoy racing and pushing our physical limits on a daily basis. We all expect our kit to echo our needs and style. Invariably you will be able to find a kindred spirit at 700; somebody who rides in a similar fashion and finds an analogous value in their cycling. It is very important to us that we do not alienate any particular customer; whether looking for your first road bike or seeking some serious hardware to maximise your competitive edge we want you to feel as if you have been given the best advice throughout your purchase and that you have ended up with a bike that suits your specific requirements – irrespective of budget.

Dave Butcher Owner
Join the club. 700cc.

700cc. Join the club.

We started shop rides from the 700 shop in Windsor, simply to encourage people to ride their bikes and meet like-minded people. Over the last three years we have evolved and now have over 70 regular riders with diverse cycling backgrounds.

In order to maintain our high standards and ensure the experience riders have come to expect and enjoy, as well as to safeguard our riders, it made sense for us to affiliate with British Cycling as a road cycling club. In addition, some have expressed a desire to try racing and we can now offer you support in pursuit of that goal too!

You can enjoy the rides as a social morning out with your cycling buddies AND you have the option of developing your riding with the extra Training Rides. Wake up and see how the legs feel that day!

First and foremost, 700cc is YOUR club. Once you are a member you can ultimately ride how you wish to. Long, short, slow, fast, social or training. The key to keeping it inclusive is to SPEAK UP!

The onus is on you as a member to say what you wish to get out of your riding and encourage your fellow riders to do the same: suggest routes, pace and distance and encourage like-minded riders to join you. Some of you will want simply to spin your legs on a social ride, others will want to ride Tempo while others may wish to test themselves on hilly endurance rides.

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We hope that you enjoy every minute of your time with us, be it flicking through these pages or wandering around our shop. But most of all we hope that we can go some way to inspiring you to ride today!

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