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Koo : Cycling Eyewear from Kask

KOO is the dedicated, high quality performance eyewear brand from Italian helmet manufacturer, Kask.

Founded in 2016, KOO are innovators, constantly pushing technological innovation to bring a breath of fresh air to the world of premium-quality performance product.

At the core of their mission, both with Helmets and Eyewear, lies a deep commitment to offering cutting-edge products, entirely designed and crafted in Italy, which seamlessly blend technological excellence, superior materials and iconic design.

Speak to Kask / Koo staff and their passion for their product is palpable. More than just ‘towing the party line’, the feeling you get is one of a genuine desire to create products that go further than the competition and a belief that they are achieving their goals. There is a real personal investment in the brand for KOO employees - a pride that comes from individuals being valued and involved in the company processes - something only truly found in small businesses - they are not merely cogs in the machine. 

It resonates with us. 

At 700 we’re about the tech. About ensuring our customers are educated and have the best possible product for their investment. I’ve never been a fan of the pile it high, knock it out approach - it’s why I’ll likely never be able to retire or own a yacht! It’s why you’ll no longer find Oakley in our store. I firmly believe that a product’s value is in its design, functionality and - fundamentally - its quality. No gimmicks. Plenty of service life.

If you’ve read my other ramblings, you’ll spot a trend that has been reinforced with me time and again. That is, Italians design, create, craft and build with a genuine passion (at least those I deal with) that is - for the most part - absent or at odds with the approach of North American / Far Eastern companies. They’ve got their own foibles, yes, and they take a month off in August - which slows things down - but we’re just jealous, we know they’re doing something right and we love that they love their product. We forgive them their eccentricities because it’s worth it.

While Oakley has market share, it doesn’t mean they’re the best. The growth in companies like KOO will - hopefully - drive them to up their game. Put an Oakley sunglass in your hand then pick up a KOO - tell me honestly that the Oakley feels like a better product and I’ll be amazed.

KOO take their time when developing new eyewear. They absolutely do not want to release a product to the market that is not the best it can possibly be. Quality and performance are key drivers, as is the desire to have their product designed and crafted in Italy. This approach to development allows the company to adapt and refine design swiftly, while maintaining extremely high build quality and consistency.

Testament to their approach to performance is their exclusive collaboration with Zeiss. Globally recognised as the leader in optics, Koo’s range of lenses has been developed by the German company and feature the most durable, scratch-resistant materials and a specific advanced colour technology to enhance and tune visibility in any weather conditions. 

Unsurprisingly, KOO glasses exceed the highest manufacturing standards to ensure unparalleled performance in terms of clarity, strength, visual comfort and protection.

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