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Truly made for riders by riders

Known for the fastest, strongest and lightest handmade-in-the-USA carbon wheels, ENVE has had a spectacular rise to the top of the cycling world. Truly made for riders by riders, ENVE's product range of full carbon wheels, carbon stems, bars, seatposts and forks is the result of the team's desire to make the sport we love even more enjoyable. Meanwhile strong ties to the top levels of road cycling, mountain biking and triathlon mean pro feedback has helped hone ENVE's products into the ultimate performance upgrades.

Having previously supplied their exquisite tubesets to the likes of Alchemy, FiftyOne and other artisan frame builders, Enve's move to manufacture their own frames comes as no surprise - though it is more than welcome!

While we may not have seen much of it here in the UK, the Enve 'Custom Road' is a masterpiece. The company's meticulous approach is firmly directed towards custom creations and lend the bike a huge specificity and tailored fit for race-focused riders.

deliver everything for the discerning road racer

That same approach is now to be found in their range of bike frames and aims to deliver the company's signature focus on performance, high quality, hand-crafted pieces but with broader access. To this end, while building on the technologies employed in the Custom Road, the Enve stable has been carefully considered to deliver everything for the discerning road racer, all-road rider and gravel hungry explorer.

Enve are design and application led Carbon experts. Their focus is not so much on the material itself, but developing the best processes and practices that facilitate the building of the finest products for their purpose. It is no accident that Enve components are widely used by frame builders and are sought after by consumers.

Enve play to the strengths of carbon

As typified by their un-drilled wheel rims, Enve play to the strengths of carbon, running continuous fibres throughout their components, removing excess laminate and material to save weight while never compromising on strength. Additional fibres are overlaid and oriented to deliver zone-specific performance requirements from compliance to durability.

Suffice to say that Enve have brought to bear their market leading technical expertise and years of carbon manufacturing prowess. Driven by a deep understanding of the best ways to derive performance from the material and coupled with their frame building practices honed with the Custom Road project and historic partnerships with frame builders, the range of Enve frames is guaranteed to deliver exceptional performance regardless of how you ride.

Hand-crafted for the modern road cyclist

The sleek Vamoots CRD (Complete Race Design) has been perfected down to every small detail so you can enjoy the feeling of painted lines rushing by as you glide across the tarmac mile after mile. A dedicated road bike is performance personified, designed with intricate features for a light, crisp ride.

The Vamoots CRD takes the torch from the Vamoots RSL and Vamoots Disc RSL. Continuing their legacy and borrowing geometry from those builds it delivers precise handling whether riding solo or rotating through a pace line. Full housing integration delivers the cleanest aesthetic of all the Vamoots family.

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The Vamoots RCS is a modern road bike designed for peak versatility, capable of handling changing terrain from pavement to cobbles, chip-seal to smooth dirt. The Vamoots RCS follows in the footsteps of the Vamoots family but is modernised with a more relaxed geometry and higher volume road tyre clearance for greater scope in your riding. A nod to the Vamoots, Vamoots SL, RSL and the CR - all in one highly capable package.

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The Vamoots 33 is an all-road frame made for versatility and comfort on mixed terrain during weekend rides and long-distance challenges.

Incorporating a wealth of heritage from previous Vamoots frame designs, including the RSL and even the modern CRD and RCS, the Vamoots 33 is designed to take up to 38mm tyres and be compatible with full cover mudguards. This exquisite titanium frame is designed for All-Roads and is ready for adventure.

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With distinctly Gravel race tendencies, the Routt CRD is the pinnacle of the Routt family of gravel bikes.

With a frame geometry that strikes the perfect balance between stability and agility, the CRD enables riders to tackle the most demanding gravel races, after-work rides, or weekend epics with confidence. It elegantly combines the gravel race spirit, all-day comfort, and long-term durability in one cohesive and integrated package.

Welcome to Complete Race Design.

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Perfected at the epicentre of gravel riding: Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the Routt bikes are named for the unique county where MOOTS are built - home to miles of gravel, dirt, chip-seal and b road routes.

MOOTS knows gravel and the Routt RSL is designed to tackle whatever gravel riding you can throw at it, while maintaining a smooth ride that pays you back during hard race efforts or long days in the saddle.

The culmination of a decade of gravel frame innovation, the Moots Routt RSL handles broken roads, gravel and dirt with ease thanks to Moots' building expertise and accommodation for up to 45mm tyres.

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Perfect for all-round gravel use, bike-packing with bags or general exploration, the Routt 45 epitomises the look and ride of modern gravel.

No matter what challenges or conditions you encounter, the Routt 45 is ready for it. Designed to conquer anything from hard-pack smooth trails to large stones or even sand, Moots have carefully crafted each element of this tough yet sleek titanium gravel bike to manoeuvre seamlessly wherever your adventure takes you.

Even in the worst conditions, the Routt 45 has you covered.

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Why Be Beat? The Routt YBB is gravel with a twist delivering comfort, smooth tracking and unparalleled traction while climbing.

The Routt YBB is designed for pushing your gravel boundaries. The legendary YBB micro-suspension first realised in 1987, makes it possible to seamlessly navigate mile after gravel mile without sacrificing comfort. In addition to the signature YBB micro-suspension, the Routt YBB has been hand-crafted with fine tuned features that are just enough to take the edge off and keep you going mile after gravel mile.

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Designed with an oversized tube set for distinct stiffness and responsiveness, the Routt ESC is built to take on deep gravel, lumpy twin tracks, single track loops and more with ease.

With two three-pack mounts on front and rear forks you can explore further for longer, without worrying about the next pit stop.

With the Routt ESC, your escape is what you make it. Be ready for any terrain with hand-built titanium frame and matching Ti fork.

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Perfect for XC trails, single-track, backroad gravel or even bike packing.

The Womble is a modern classic, genuine all-rounder and most importantly - fun. Since 1981 Moots have been dialling in the perfect mountain bike, and the Womble is the approach manifest!

A tribute to the invigorating experience of pure mountain biking, the Womble is designed with the stiffest, strongest front end possible and the smoothest, most effective tracking suspension to match. This titanium hardtail 29er is carefully built with features to give you the best days on your bike.

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A purist mountain biker's dream.

The Womble Slider is single speeding elevated to its highest form and built for all XC trails, single-track and backcountry exploration. Less is sometimes more.

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A broad deep undulation of the ocean caused by an often distant gale or seismic disturbance

This finish uses a combination of matte anodised techniques with touches of bright polished anodisation to give an effect of movement.

It adds a sensation that the tube has an oval rectangle look to it as well. Carried out in matte grey and rose-copper colours. The stem carries the block logo in rose-copper and the seat post features Mr. Moots in the same hue.

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