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'The most successful bikes in the world'

Cutting Edge Innovation

There are very few bicycle manufacturers that have the stature of Colnago, and rightly so. Since 1954 Ernesto Colnago has been making what are widely regarded to be the best bikes in the world for the likes of Arienti and Merckx.

His bikes have had victories all over the place; at the Olympics, Le Tour and underneath Merckx when he broke the hour record in 1972. Colnago were and still are - for both professional and amateur alike - the bike of choice thanks to cutting edge innovation and impeccable quality and finish.

The pinnacle of road racing for over 40 years

One of the first manufacturers to use Carbon fibre in a creative and innovative way, Colnago has worked closely with Ferrari on carbon fibre technology since the 1980s.

Colnago has been at the pinnacle of road racing for over 40 years from the Molteni team in 1968 to the current UAE-Team Emirates and has helped riders like the indomitable Eddy Merckx and the tenacious Thomas Voeckler to countless victories. The depth of palmares in road cycling has been followed by success in Cyclocross too.

Elegant design and impeccable quality

Coveted both for their elegant design and impeccable quality as well as their distinctive and refined handling, Colnago remain popular among a broad spectrum of riders thanks to a relaxed but responsive geometry and they have an appeal that transcends generations and trends.

With a relatively accessible range that suits all riding styles and disciplines, a Colnago should be on anyone's shortlist.

The pinnacle of Colnago refinement and craftsmanship based on a rich racing heritage. The Colnago C-Series is iconic, delivering the beauty of lugs with a modern construction approach for a truly luxurious bike: both in performance and aesthetic. The C Series is currently represented by the C68 and C68 All Road.

The C68 is made in Italy and is the result of more than 4 years of research. It represents the continuity of the history of a company that has collected successes and innovated for more than 68 years. The C68 All Road is designed to maximise the pleasure of cycling, with geometries that enhance the trade-off between comfort and performance.

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The modern representation of the Colnago racing ethos. The V Series is based on Monocoque constructions with a focus on low weight and outright performance. For most competitive riders, the Colnago V4Rs is the result of years of research in the World Tour. Improved stiffness, better aerodynamics and low weight - the V4Rs is built to win.

The V3 and V3Rs take the V-Series race focused approach and dial it back for greater accessibility to the Colnago Race series and the brand as a whole. Monocoque construction persists but with lower stiffness to weight ratios that make for more forgiving riding without sacrificing the racing heart of the range.

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For those looking for a classic work, Colnago still produce their iconic models: the ARABESQUE and MASTER. These historic beauties worked in steel, are timeless examples of the finest Italian craftsmanship and still delight some 30 years after their initial appearances.

The Master, featuring the companys cloverleaf stellar frame tubing, signature lug-work and Precisa fork, is widely considered to be the best steel frame ever produced. While the Arabesque is built with pride in Italy and delivers Colnagos signature steel aesthetic and ride quality in more traditional tubing shapes.

The Diamante is ostensibly a climbing bike by merit of the fact that it is both lighter (and significantly so) and less aggressively aero-shaped than the SV stable mate. In truth - as is the case with most well researched and carefully designed bikes - the Diamante is exceptionally versatile.

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