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Quaerere 36.5°C = Q36.5

We at 700 are very pleased to be a UK stockist of Q36.5 Cycling Clothing

Q36.5 is an extreme vision of the future of cycling clothing.

Quaerere : Research in Latin. 36.5 : The optimum operating temperature in Celcius, of a human body.

The name Q36.5 stems from the company's ceaseless pursuit of and continuous innovation towards the ultimate in performance cycling apparel through the careful development and application of unique fabrics that best aid the body's optimal performance.

The real objective of all technical clothing, not just cycling, should be to maintain a stable body temperature as it allows the body to perform with less stress. While others focus on cooling and heating the body they ignore the most important factor, that of maintaining the healthy body temperature. The goal at Q36.5 is to maintain optimal body temperature throughout the ride and Q36.5 has obsessively pursued the objective of ensuring that each and every one of their products achieves this.

While the company, founded in 2013, may be young, the man whose vision it is is no stranger to innovation. Luigi Bergamo has over 20 years of experience in technical fabric development in the cycling industry and has pioneered cycling apparel for the world's most famous brands. He would prefer us not to mention names simply because he does not wish to be seen as using other manufacturers as a guide to his products. Rather, Luigi is set on becoming the benchmark.

His approach and materials are unique and Q36.5 are less of a brand and more of a research and development lab. The majority of fabrics used in the Q36.5 collection have been developed in-house at the Q36.5 facility. In addition, Luigi has collaborated with some of the leading textile manufacturers in Italy to develop unique fabrics for use exclusively within the Q36.5 range. The difference between Q36.5 products is evident from the moment you touch them but is even more appreciable once you are out riding.

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The patterns employed in the Q36.5 Essential Collection have all been conceived to exploit the Ergogenic qualities of their proprietary fabrics while minimizing the use of panels in order to maximize efficiency and aerodynamics. Indeed, all Q36.5 jerseys, jackets, bibs, shorts and tights, have no frontal facing seams. This design principle is most notable in the Vectorial Elasticity of the Salopette L1 Essential bib shorts. Put them on following the instructions, ride them hard and you will discover a new feeling in the history of modern cycling clothing.

While the products that Q36.5 create are designed for performance, this is never at the cost of durability. As a result of proprietary fabric development, Q36.5 are able to produce clothing that is also significantly lighter than the competition. For example, the Q36.5 jersey and bib shorts weigh 110-140g less than the clothing that won 3 Grand Tours in 2013. Luigi is keen to stress that the weight savings are a function of the design process and never the goal of manufacture - simply a beneficial side effect! Despite the highly technical and lightweight nature of Q36.5 products, they are still built to last and Luigi claims that the construction method used in their bib short fabric will, for example, last at least 10x longer than its high-end competitors.

The Q36.5 range is simple and concise. There are but 2 jerseys the L1 and R1, both of which are essentially the same and there is a similarly compact range of shorts. Why? Because the products are designed to perform in a broad range of conditions and as such eliminate the need to create specific products for specific circumstances. Luigi and Q36.5 have created fabrics so technical and well thought out that they negate the need to have numerous pieces. As a result you simply put on your shorts and jersey and ride your bike, safe in the knowledge that your clothing will perform.

Although Q36.5 is by no means the cheapest, when compared to brands in the upper echelons of the cycling clothing market, Q36.5 offers truly exceptional value for money thanks to a combination of sensible pricing, versatility of product, remarkable performance and impressive durability.

It really is Absolutely Equipment.

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After feedback from our customers over the drop in quality in a market-leading brand, we were looking for an alternative that had a real stroy behind it.

Showing genuine innovation in fabric development and garment construction; a notable quality both in-the-hand and on the bike, coupled with a performance element that the rider can feel and that has a technical basis in biology and bio-mechanics : Q36.5 was the perfect option.

The pricing - while clearly premium - is not comical or offensive and we see the costs as justified given the offering and the excellent longevity. When directly compared with the equivalent competition, prices are actually more reasonable than you at first might expect.

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