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The Pinarello marque has a rich history in the sport of cycling and it is one that expertly straddles the bounds of technological advancement and cycling heritage, all the while creating products of unique and exquisite beauty.

The Pinarello Dogma has become one of the most immediately recognisable bikes in the pro peloton thanks - in part - to its unique silhouette, and as a result of its unrivalled success in the modern era; but Pinarello have been here for a long time.


Pinarello frames have been ridden to victory in one-day road races like Milan-San Remo, Paris-Nice, Ghent-Wevelgem, Tour of Lombardy, and the Olympic Games. They've held their own - to say the least - in stage races as well, including countless stage victories, as well as overall victory, in the Giro d'Italia, the Tour de France and La Vuelta a Espana.

The list of pros who found greatness riding a Pinarello is epic: Cipollini, Indurain, Riis, Zabel, Ullrich, Petacchi, Valverde, and Pereiro top the list. But it's not the Pinarello palmares that make it the most coveted frame brand on the market. As Fausto Pinarello once wrote, "a great bicycle can be great without a great rider. A winning bicycle brings together the expert of the artisan, the latest in technological innovation, a passion for the sport, and a fanatical attention to perfection."


Pinarello has earned a reputation for mastering new tubing technology before other builders even considered experimenting with it - first Dyna Lite and Excell steel, then SC61.10a and V107 aluminum, to AK61 magnesium and in more recent times, 50, 60 and 65HM1K carbon fibre are some of the cutting edge raw materials used by Pinarello to manufacture bikes with an exquisite ability for overwhelming their owners' most optimistic expectations. Each time we unbox one we are presented with something that is equal parts artistic inspiration and technical merit.

Few frames in the market can match the Dogma Carbon for their balance of beauty and ride quality. And these traits trickle down the line of Pinarello bikes. Even if you Don't have a ProTour-caliber sprint you can still delight in Pinarello's groundbreaking designs, their attention to detail in production, and their glorious paint and finish-work.

Pinarello produces frames that are made to perform, but what sets the Pinarello frame apart is that its exceptional performance characteristics are built in and built to last.

The DOGMA has always represented the art of balance. Pinarello - like their Pro Team partner - believe the Dogma needs to be a bike that is as much valid for windy, fast, flat stages as it is for grueling mountainous terrain and queen stages. With significant revisions and improvement over the F12, the new Dogma F is the perfect balance of aero, stiffness, and weight, allowing the pros to maintain their competitiveness in the Peloton.

Pinarello prioritise handling. While many consider weight as the key element to a bike, a reduction too far can have devastating effects on handling, comfort and responsiveness and consequently, confidence. A negative effect here will make you slower. The Dogma F is a masterpiece of engineering that offers deftly balanced handling, comfort, and aerodynamics all wrapped in a package that can climb, descend, and sprint with equal flair. The DOGMA F is always the right bike.

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The new DOGMA X redefines how we think about performance. Like the Dogma F, it is constructed from TORAY T1100 Dream carbon and retains key features from its more aggressive stablemate.

Delivering real world comfort but without compromising the underlying performance of the Dogma platform, the new X is more accommodating - both in terms of delivered comfort but also for a host of riders whose morphology may have made a Dogma F less than ideal. Pinarello's new ENDURANCE geometry combined with their X-Stays and 35mm tyre clearance, yield true endurance performance that doesn't compromise on speed or handling. As per Fausto's insistence: " has to ride like a Pinarello."

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The Pinarello F Series is a range of competition and performance focused road bikes designed to complement, and derived from, the flagship Dogma F. With a race geometry that closely follows its premium stablemate, the F Series frames are aimed at delivering the tools required by both racing cyclists and those that appreciate a high end, performance product.

While similar in form, there are noticeable differences between the Dogma and the Fs that deliver an element of refinement to the series, making them more accessible and better suited to the broader market. All while delivering a premium aesthetic that is synonymous with the brand, and of course the Pinarello 'feel'.

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Thanks to a combination of specifically-selected materials, unique geometry, and a truly innovative rear-end, the Pinarello X range strikes the perfect balance between reactivity, performance and comfort. The X Series inspires confidence by delivering both comfort and control, but with the same DNA as Grand Tour winning machines.

Ideal for long days in the saddle and the kind of exciting rides where winning isnt the only goal!

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The Pinarello Grevil F - as the name suggests - takes its lead from the Dogma, delivering everything to keep you fast and save you valuable watts while racing. At the same time, considered geometries and the ability to accommodate both 650b and 700c wheel/tyre combinations, deliver versatility enough to keep you smiling when the race is done and you just want to explore.

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Based around a specific Toray carbon layup with an unidirectional finish that absorbs all road vibrations, the Granger is optimised for a pleasurable and comfortable ride. It is the bike of choice for your adventures. No matter how long or how far, just ride, get lost while exploring : It's all about the experience.

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The Nytro ROAD and GRAVEL series bikes mark a new way. Nytro e-bikes combine Pinarellos iconic design traits, superior handling, and industry-leading aerodynamic knowledge with powerful motors that will make you unstoppable. The Nytro ROAD is the lightest E-Road bike on the market and delivers effortless cycling with an unmistakably iconic Pinarello design.

Gravel riding is the essence of freedom and discovery and doing it with a Nytro E-Gravel bike means multiplying the fun and enhancing the experience!

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