Sportful : GIARA - Dirty Roads Adventure Clothing Collection

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Sportful : GIARA - Dirty Roads Adventure Clothing Collection

Maybe gravel doesn’t exist.

There are so many different interpretations of this new facet of cycling - another niche - a concept that there’s no point in trying to define.

It’s enough to know that we no longer need to worry about the surface or how long we’re in the saddle. To know that our playground is bigger and is open longer than before with fewer restrictions on our fun.

The spirit is the same - Whether this means taking the Supergiara line to the limit in a race like Dirty Kanza or Jeroboam or trying to complete a 500-kilometer route riding event at night, or using Giara products for a bikepacking weekend with friends or to investigate the trails and the roads that you've spotted on a road ride - but until now, haven't explored - it’s up to you to decide.

To be honest, we like all these different variations. Most of all, it's the irreverence, freedom and curiosity. Being able to go fast where until a few years ago it wasn’t possible or wasn’t allowed, being able to decide from one moment to the next to turn off the tarmac and onto a trail, being able to explore unfamiliar paths. Don’t waste time thinking and constructing definitions. Get out, explore, take a risk, get dirty. Have fun: that’s what the Dirty Roads range is all about!


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