700 was opened in the summer of 2011 with one goal in mind; helping all road riders from all aspects of the sport furnish their passion with all the advice and equipment they may need. At 700 we believe that whether you are in it to win or simply to enjoy the sport, everything starts with fit and to this end offer bike fitting services to help you optimise your position on the bike,  to minimise the risk of injury and to get the best performance and comfort from your riding. 

At 700 we are looking to present the products we stock in their best light; each run of items is given its own space and is never pushed into a corner. Online each product where appropriate is given it’s own in-depth description written by us and photographed in order to best display it’s characteristics and to give you a feeling of what the product would be like if you were to actually touch it. We have tried very hard to pick our brands and products carefully in order to keep our range of products limited to those which firstly fulfill their purpose superbly and secondly offer what we feel is the best choice at each price point. Everything you find on our shelves will have been endorsed by one or another of us and it would not have made it there if we were unable to see its value.

We feel that every customer should have the same exceptional level of service; we want you to be able to draw from our many years of experience both in the bicycle industry and out on the road. Between us we ride thousands of miles every week, some of us as endurance or pleasure riders and others of us who enjoy racing and pushing our physical limits. We all expect our kit to echo our needs and style. Invariably you will be able to find a kindred spirit at 700; somebody who rides in a similar fashion and finds an analogous value in their cycling. Whether looking for your first road bike or seeking some serious hardware to maximise your competitive edge we want you to feel as if you have been given the best advice throughout your purchase and that you have ended up with a bike that suits your specific requirements.

Recent seasons have seen a growing desire for individuality and custom products and we understand that dream bikes should be as individual as you; from geometry to finish. To this end we are continually broadening our range to include more niche brands like Nevi Titanium and Sarto in order to bring you fully customisable options when it comes to your hardware. 

If you are looking to broaden your cycling experience we have an associated cycling club with a diverse spectrum of riders and abilities and 700 run numerous cycling holidays and training camps in the Costa Blanca during the year, so you can experience new roads, fantastic climbs and stunning scenery, fully guided and supported.

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Le Col

Performance Cycling Clothing


Established, tested and operated by ex pro Yanto Barker, the Le Col brand and clothing is built on his expertise and experience as a professional cyclist. Le Col is driven by Yanto's desire to bring the attitude and approach from his sport into the business. He rigorously tests everything himself before putting it into production. His personal input and critical eye on all aspects of the products and service sets them apart.

Le Col was founded in 2011, the same year as 700 and we have been a partner of the brand since their inception. We share then same ethos; that is we believe that a product should deliver genuine performance and value for money. Not content with simply re-hashing existing clothing technologies and changing the aesthetic, Le Col believe in developing and refining fabrics in order to yield performance benefits and to create clothing that performs for you, regardless of how you ride.

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Le Col are obsessed with developing the highest quality, most desirable, performance cycling clothing - constructed using the most up to date technology and fabrics. Attention to detail is vital to the brand. The "Made in Italy" label is very important to Le Col as it signifies quality, authenticity and dedication. No detail is too small and no feature too complicated.

Testament to this approach is the recent announcement by Bradley Wiggins that he will be launching a clothing range - produced by Le Col and that Team Wiggins will also be clad in Le Col apparel.

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Le Col is for people who are looking for products proven to go as far and as fast as you can take them; tested to the limits and delivering every pedal stroke along the way. While you don't need to be riding at the highest level to take advantage of the Le Col approach, Le Col will look after you all the way if you strive to.

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