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High performance titanium bikes

Passionate beginnings

Born over 30 years ago in the town of Chattanooga, Tennessee in the United States, Litespeed has always forged its own path rather than follow the capricious mainstream trends in the cycling industry.

Their love for titanium and dedication to constant improvement have lead them to be industry leaders in terms of shaping titanium to the exact needs of their clients.

Their dedication didn't go unnoticed as NASA found themselves stumped when they needed certain shape titanium tubes for their Mars 'Curiosuty' Rover, they enlisted the help of the team at Litespeed which has seen a longstanding partnership formed between Litespeed and NASA.

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The only things that receives more attention than their titanium are the specific needs of their customers.

They don't just make bikes and sell them on to the general public, they ask the question as to what the client actually needs and wants out of their bike. With this premise established, they build the bike from scratch making sure that every twist and turn of the material is solely focused on delivering that experience the client is after. They liken the making of their bikes to that of making a musical instrument, where the most important aspect is the sound that the instrument provides rather than what they want it to specifically look like. Carrying the analogy forward they want to create 'music' with their designs, where the bike and the rider form a single harmonious whole.

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The team at Litespeed believe that, very much like their moulding of titanium, the moulding of a work culture cannot be forced upon their staff and that it needs to be built from the ground up.

They have formed a work-family of many long serving employees who are both competitive and passionate about what they do. The team all ride and there is a company culture of a 'lunch ride' which is used to discuss new ideas or solve current problems that might be present. What better way to experience the world of the end user than by daily being one!?

At Litespeed, there has never been a drive to be the biggest titanium bike brand in the world, they do however want to be known as the titanium brand of the highest quality worldwide.

Every bike has a unique history and a story to create going forward.

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The bike market (like so many others) can be hugely open to interpretation.

There are those companies who would sell you a 'carbon' (or more accurately, a predominantly plastic) bike with an uplifted groupset to take your hard earned cash and then there are more reputable players who spend a considerable sum in R&D and hiring skilled folk to deliver much, MUCH better carbon bikes that ultimately ride better. The same is true for Aluminium and likewise, Titanium.

We sell a number of brands that work exclusively with Titanium: Nevi, Passoni, Moots. Each is a premium product made in-house, be that in the US or Italy - with varying USPs and each is uncompromising in approach and materials selection - nothing from China here. The thing they all have in common is a relatively high price point too - and deservedly so. You can make a carbon frame in a matter of hours; with labour-intensive Titanium, you work in days.

Litespeed are competing at a similar level (like Passoni, they use British Reynolds tubing) but are also vying for your business and (like Giant do in the Carbon arena) work in partnership with the distributor and their retail partners (us) - taking a hit on bottom line in order to encourage a safe purchase that will deliver the best that this fantastic material has to offer. Ultimately, you get the best value in the true sense, not just cheap (materials and construction) to satisfy a price point.

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