700 was opened in the summer of 2011 with one goal in mind; helping all road riders from all aspects of the sport furnish their passion with all the advice and equipment they may need. At 700 we believe that whether you are in it to win or simply to enjoy the sport, everything starts with fit and to this end offer bike fitting services to help you optimise your position on the bike,  to minimise the risk of injury and to get the best performance and comfort from your riding. 

At 700 we are looking to present the products we stock in their best light; each run of items is given its own space and is never pushed into a corner. Online each product where appropriate is given it’s own in-depth description written by us and photographed in order to best display it’s characteristics and to give you a feeling of what the product would be like if you were to actually touch it. We have tried very hard to pick our brands and products carefully in order to keep our range of products limited to those which firstly fulfill their purpose superbly and secondly offer what we feel is the best choice at each price point. Everything you find on our shelves will have been endorsed by one or another of us and it would not have made it there if we were unable to see its value.

We feel that every customer should have the same exceptional level of service; we want you to be able to draw from our many years of experience both in the bicycle industry and out on the road. Between us we ride thousands of miles every week, some of us as endurance or pleasure riders and others of us who enjoy racing and pushing our physical limits. We all expect our kit to echo our needs and style. Invariably you will be able to find a kindred spirit at 700; somebody who rides in a similar fashion and finds an analogous value in their cycling. Whether looking for your first road bike or seeking some serious hardware to maximise your competitive edge we want you to feel as if you have been given the best advice throughout your purchase and that you have ended up with a bike that suits your specific requirements.

Recent seasons have seen a growing desire for individuality and custom products and we understand that dream bikes should be as individual as you; from geometry to finish. To this end we are continually broadening our range to include more niche brands like Nevi Titanium and Sarto in order to bring you fully customisable options when it comes to your hardware. 

If you are looking to broaden your cycling experience we have an associated cycling club with a diverse spectrum of riders and abilities and 700 run numerous cycling holidays and training camps in the Costa Blanca during the year, so you can experience new roads, fantastic climbs and stunning scenery, fully guided and supported.

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At 700 we are all about the right products.

Products that offer genuine solutions or advantages; those that rely on innovation and often those treading their own path rather than simply following the easier route of imitating industry-accepted norms.

The nutrition market is a noisy one. Quite regularly a new nutrition brand rears its head claiming to be the latest and greatest and, while there are undoubtedly some good products on the market, many are simply joining the party with similar formulas in different packaging. Indeed, for the most part nutrition products are manufactured by confectioners.

Maurten are a Swedish Nutrition company founded in 2015 by Mårten Fryknäs. Fryknäs has spent much of his career working in the field of Cancer Pharmacology and Computational Medicine and it is from his research in combination with consultation with the food industry that the basis for Maurten's unique formula was developed. Maurten is at the same time incredibly simple and highly complex!

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Why should you pay attention to Maurten when so many other options are available?

While there are plenty of companies selling nutrition gels and powders, there is no other product in the field comparable to Maurten. Maurten's product range is exceptionally concise - they have 1 product delivered in 2 forms: a drink mix and a hydrogel. Maurten has everything you need for your fuelling and nothing you don't; there are no added flavours, preservatives, colours or acids.

Maurten contains just 5 ingredients : Maltodextrin, Fructose (your carbs), Sodium Chloride (the only salt you need to replace during exercise to avoid muscle cramp), Pectin and Sodium Alginate. These last 2 natural ingredients from apples/berries and brown algae respectively, are the key to the products efficacy.

As a general rule, the maximum amount of carbohydrate our bodies can absorb in the course of 1 hour is around 80g and a higher carbohydrate intake likely results in better performance. However - and most of us will at some point have experienced this - pouring high amounts of carbs into the stomach can cause nasty gastrointestinal problems (nausea, vomiting or worse!) as well as a slower rate of nutrient uptake. In addition, the rush of blood to the stomach lining to deal with the influx of these carbs, also draws blood away from the muscles resulting in that 'heavy' feeling and earlier fatigue.

Maurten's Hydrogel technology helps to deliver more carbohydrates per hour, more efficiently than traditional sports drinks, while entirely avoiding any stomach issues. This is achieved in the formation of a Hydrogel when the Pectin and Alginate encapsulate the carbohydrates and salt when the mix comes into contact with stomach acid. This allows the all important nutrients to pass through the stomach into the intestine where it can be better utilised by the body and this delivery method can increase carbohydrate uptake to 100g per hour : more energy with less stress on your body for a double win!

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Like so many of the best things, Maurten's range is simple to understand. With just 3 products, Maurten comes as a dry mix in two strengths: Drink Mix 160, with 40 grams of carbs per 500ml; or Drink Mix 320, which contains 80 grams of carbs per 500ml - that's twice the amount of energy previously thought possible in a sports drink, thanks to Hydrogel technology. Since 1g of carbohydrates provides 4 calories, the 160 and 320 refer to the calories in each mix.

Their latest product is the extremely popular GEL 100 - a biopolymer matrix that holds carbohydrates - it delivers 25g of carbs per sachet. The only true Gel on the market (all the rest are actually syrup - and when you read it put like that you'll probably not fancy another), the Hydrogel is inoffensive. With no added flavour the hydrogel is easy on the palate and leaves no horrible cloying mess in your mouth - you don't even need to wash it down with water. Furthermore, it won't launch itself all over you, your kit or your bike. You can happily take 4 in the course of an hour (or all at once if needs be) with no risk of stomach upset. It is in essence a pre-prepared version of the Drink Mix, formed in production under exact conditions.

Both the Drink Mix and the Gel contain no acids either and as such are far kinder on your teeth and gums, so even the dedicated gel user will suffer no adverse dental effects.

While they are not sponsored by Maurten, the product is the choice of the likes of Mo Farrah and the EF-Education First Pro Cycling Team - indeed Rigoberto Uran fuelled his entire 2017 Tour de France with just Maurten and bananas while on the bike. Maurten's extremely effective product and simple range makes it easy for any cyclist, runner or triathlete to fuel their adventures, races, sportive or training with no need for great swathes of pocket-filling food and with no risk of stomach upset or cramp.

100% natural, vegetarian and Vegan friendly, we love Maurten because - like all the best things - it is simple but effective.

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