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Nevi Titanium

We at 700 are very pleased to be a UK stockist of Nevi Titanium Bikes

Hear Nevi. Think Titanium.

Nevi are a small family run business based in Bergamo, northern Italy. Owned and operated by former Italian Pro rider Sergio Finazzi and his wife Consuelo; Nevi have been fabricating bicycle frames since 1992 and work solely with high grade Titanium. They are an innovative company - they were the first to employ a four bolt face-plate to a stem and back in 1994 created a Titanium frame with integrated seatpost!

Sergio Finazzi's most famous victory was a stage win in the Tirreno-Adriatico in 1987 but his fondest cycling memory from his time as a professional is from a gruelling stage of the 1988 Giro where he finished 7th. Starting in Chiesa Valmanenco, the day saw riders finish in Bormio, exhausted and battered from the cold and bad weather. Finazzi took 7th having ridden through snow on the Passo Gavia and it was this experience that led to the choice of brand name. Nevi being Italian for snow.

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Nevi employ some special techniques in the fabrication of their frames. Water jet cutting allows Nevi to create novel shapes and their frame welding takes place in a Vacuum Chamber. The Vacuum chamber is key to Nevi's quality : All air (and therefore impurities) is removed and the chamber filled with Argon, an inert gas. By welding in Argon, the possibility of weld contamination is removed and gasses already dissolved in the metal can be released and removed without reaction, this yields far stronger welds. Welding Titanium is an art-form in itself.

Take a look at the welds on a Nevi and you'll notice that they are different from many Ti frames. The Argon welding creates a smooth look to the weld and they are up to 3 times stronger than those from traditional welding. It is Nevi's special processes that allow them to produce a Titanium Road Fork that is strong enough to perform.

Nevi are so proficient working with Titanium that notable F1 teams outsource their Titanium parts' production to the company. In addition, Nevi have worked directly with another notable motorsport marque to create their incredible fusion process that allows the creation of super-strong parts.

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Despite the rise and widespread use of Carbon for frame manufacture, Titanium remains an excellent alternative. Titanium has very high corrosion resistance and the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element; it's as strong as steel, but only 45 percent the weight and it's twice as strong as aluminum, but only 60 percent heavier.

Titanium is strong, light and will last a lifetime. It also conveys a very smooth ride feel, soaking up road buzz beautifully whilst remaining reactive.

Nevi have a core range of Road frames from the Classic - a frame that uses an external Aheadset and as the name suggests, has a traditional look with narrow tubes; to the Stelvio and the impressive Spinas - an aero shaped race frame. Both the Stelvio and Spinas are available in an exquisite hand finished LA version. In addition, Nevi offer a Gravel frame and have created a Vintage machine for the fans of cycling history, as well as a 20" wheel Ti bike - a personal favourite of Sergio. In the spring of 2018, Nevi released their newest and most exotic frame to date; their Titanio Legno made from Titanium and Walnut, for those who want something truly exclusive.

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