Ashmei : Outperforming the Best

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Ashmei : Outperforming the Best

ashmei aim to produce the very best performance cycling apparel and they do this with a slightly different approach to their Research and Development.
Starting with a blank canvas, ashmei consider the specific requirements for any given piece - be that base layers, gloves, jerseys or jackets - based on the activity and climates involved. They carefully select the correct blend and proportion of fibres to create a unique and bespoke material to fulfil the remit. Real comfort comes from the blend : get it slightly wrong and the rider is too hot, cold, damp or wet.
The approach is one refined from 25 years designing sportswear and it is evident in every detail of every piece in the range - it allows ashmei to engineer their version of the ultimate performance product. While price is always a consideration; ashmei  do not focus on key price points or seasonal collections; rather they create the right product in understated, classic styles that will stand the test of time, both aesthetically and functionally.
Like an increasing number of brands, ashmei are driven by the desire to stabilise body temperature during excercise. Ultimately this approach renders the rider more comfortable but also frees up energy for muscles that would otherwise be invested in thermoregulation; one of the key draws on energy reserves of the body. To achieve this, ashmei use a proprietary blend of Merino wool and Carbon Fibres. Merino is an environmentally friendly and renewable resource. It is naturally antibacterial, thermoregulatory and non-itchy and as such requires no additional chemical treatments. ashmei augment the natural properties of the wool with Carbon fibres that further enhance the breathability and temperature regulation of their garments. 
By evaluating every component from fibre upwards and looking for better solutions to increase comfort and performance, ashmei create products that benefit the wearer, rather than gimmicks, untruths and pointless features. The resulting range is concise making purchasing decisions relatively simple and their focus on the right product rather than a trendy, seasonal one, means you'll be current, season after season.
For us, the asmei offering complements our current range of clothing from the likes of Q36.5. Their more relaxed fit and simple, classic styling of the Merino pieces will appeal to those who ride their own ride and who prefer the less 'pro' countenance. At the same time, ashmei will deliver countless performance benefits for those looking to push themselves.


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