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Basso Bikes : Handcrafted Bikes Made In Italy

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Basso Bikes : Handcrafted Bikes Made In Italy


Basso bikes are long established. Hand crafted in Italy they are an innovative, transparent brand that build bikes to last, challenging conventional practices and developing new ones. Their innovation and technical brilliance is positively tempered by a desire to remain a traditional brand in the sense that each Basso should stir something in the rider as much as it should deliver an exceptional ride.

Alcide Basso began his bike building career over 40 years ago in his garage, with 1 order, 11 tubes, a handful of tools and a desire to craft lasting machines capable of offering a better experience in the saddle. Like all true Italians, this desire to build something functional was married with a want to create designs that stand the test of time and evoke emotion. Basso frames are functionally beautiful and beautifully functional. Performance and craftsmanship do not date and Basso frames exude a timeless beauty - at once elegant, sober and classic - that age gracefully and their design is appreciable indefinitely.


Better handling, reliable and exciting performance and a ride quality that leaves you feeling inspired to ride further, harder and faster can’t be measured on a scale. As such, Basso doesn’t seek to develop the ‘lightest’ bikes but rather the lightest bike that can ride like a Basso should. At 700 we appreciate this approach. Between us we have been fortunate to have ridden many hundreds of bikes and believe us went we tell you that - in the modern era - the lightest bikes often handle far worse than marginally heavier bikes that are designed with balance. Basso build with this balance in mind.

At Basso it is all about the ride. There are lighter bikes, more aero bikes, but none that ride, handle and inspire like a Basso. Every fibre in construction, every angle in geometry and every shape of every tube in a Basso frame is designed around the never-ending quest to produce a total ride experience that redefines the joy in performance cycling.


In a consumer centric world we are often presented with numerous product choices and competition is so fierce that it is often difficult to balance our budget with a desire for something more than ‘mass-produced’, something that speaks to our riding soul - for whatever reason.

Here the Basso name stands out thanks to its authenticity. More than simply an Italian name on a downtube, Basso are Italian frames made in Italy, and by made in Italy we mean 100% Made In Italy.

Basso produces frames that are made to perform, but what sets the Basso frame apart is that its exceptional performance characteristics are built in and built to last.

Basso’s finely crafted frames are carefully constructed from the finest Torayaca carbon fibres, to ensure the same exceptional performance season after season, delivering as they did on their first ride. Whether you race or don’t, you can feel confident in the fact that your Basso frame can handle anything that you put in front of it, time and time again - Basso frames represent performance for life.

The Basso road range is concise. There are 2 race bikes : the pinnacle of the range DIAMANTE SV and the DIAMANTE - effectively the same machine that employ different grades of carbon. While these are designated as race machines, their updated geometry means they are race bikes for all.

The ASTRA delivers the signature Basso ride feel but with a more relaxed (yet racey) geometry and at the cost of a few extra grams vs the Diamante. The VENTA uses slightly lower modulus carbon fibre and a geometry similar to that of the of the Astra to deliver Basso handling in a more wallet-friendly and comfortable platform.

As well as the road range there is also a Carbon Gravel Bike - the PALTA as well as a versatile eBike that can be configured for Road or Gravel, a Triathlon rig and a Steel machine too.

Regardless of your riding proclivities you can rest assured that all Basso bikes are Hand-built by Basso and his staff, to exacting standards in Italy. Passion, craftsmanship and quality of materials are guaranteed and given the Made in Italy approach, the prices may surprise you!

Basso make a statement on their website that we fully appreciate : More substance, less marketing and better bikes.

Be different. Be Basso.

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